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 Dream Theater "A Dramatic Turn Of Events"

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PostSubject: Dream Theater "A Dramatic Turn Of Events"   Tue May 07, 2013 5:32 am

Reviewed by Nevada Deem

Allot of people were worried when founding member Mike Portnoy left but then
they found Mike Mangini. With the help of this new found drummer the prog metal
masters were able to continue on to make music. And also people were very unsure
of the album "A Dramatic Turn Of Events" but when it was released allot of
people (including me) were unsure of it seeing how Portnoy has been the head of
DT's music for years. The results: quite pleasing.

The song structures are similar to their 1992 album " Images And Words" but also
different in sound as they reflect a newer Dream Theater. With the intro of "On
The Backs Of Angels" you are sucked in, though the last track "Beneath The
Surface" was the weakest tune. In my opinion they should of ended the album
with the sure to be classic " Breaking All Illusions".

All the songs have their own taste to them, like "Build Me Up Break Me Down"
which has a more metallic DT sound to it, and hateful lyrics that's enough to
get you into the music. But in all honesty, the album is good all around, it
proved Mike Mangini is a good replacement for the drumming God Mike Portnoy, he
fills the shoes nicely. I for one can't wait to hear the next DT album when
Mangini writes the drum beats.

Nothing bad about the album but some songs are not what you'd expect/ hope for
from the progressive metal masters. So it gets a 4/5 on my book. If your a die
hard Dream Theater fan that got hurt when they got Mangini and wouldn't take
Portnoy back, suck it up and truly listen, you will be surprised. As for new
Dream Theater fans, welcome aboard the Train Of Thought.


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PostSubject: Re: Dream Theater "A Dramatic Turn Of Events"   Sat Aug 03, 2013 11:47 am

Nice review, nice band and nice song Razz

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Dream Theater "A Dramatic Turn Of Events"
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