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 Iced Earth "Dystopia"

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PostSubject: Iced Earth "Dystopia"   Tue May 07, 2013 5:29 am

Reviewed by Nevada Deem

When Matthew Barlow left the band to focus on his family alot of people (including me) were worried, but then Iced Earth found Stu Block, and in finding him they maybe found one of the greatest vocalists today.

The album Dystopia is not written around a story like many Iced Earth albums, but many of the songs were inspired by Dystopian themes and films. Right at the intro of Dystopia you don't expect vocals that can go a Barlow low to a Owens high. The best of both worlds, truly a remarkable singer and it only gets better as the album goes on. Jon Schaffer's guitar playing of course makes the album heavy and aggressive, really it's what you would expect from Iced Earth, aggressive and powerful. Even the drums, bass and solos get you into it.

All the songs are really good and well written, especially, Dystopia, Anthem, Anguish of Youth and Tragedy and Triumph. Overall I recommend this album for its very well put together definitely check it out. Stu Block has proven to be a great vocalist for Iced Earth and I'm already finding myself excited for the next album.

Score: 4.5/5


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Iced Earth "Dystopia"
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