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 Houston "Mechanical Sunshine"

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PostSubject: Houston "Mechanical Sunshine"   Tue May 07, 2013 5:25 am

Reviewed by Daniel Bear
Gothic, Electro, Alternative Metal.

Mechanical Sunshine is a fusion of many modern forms of metal, with a lot of electronic sounds and half-spoken lyrics. Its fast, in your face and very heavy for the most part and for me feels like a band looking for a defining sound. I’ve not had the pleasure of hearing Houston! Live but imagine that the content of this album works great in a live setting, full of energy and some very catchy shout a long moments.

The musicianship and song writing is decent throughout, the ballads are listenable and fit in with the rest of the album well, although they are probably the weakest songs on the album (but that could be my personal dislike of modern ballads). You are going to hear a lot of influences while listening to Mechanical Sunshine and I can see fans of modern alternative metal finding plenty to like here.

Track Listing
Shine Of The Rusty Gear
Planet Terror*
Anghell Clown
Let Me Shout
Mechanical Breath
Black Rose
One Day
Generation ‘09*
Velvet Pressure
Truth About Me
Sick, Sex, Sick*
My Swedish Baby Looks Like A Star
Dragula (Rob Zombie Cover)
*Personal Highlights

Final Word
While not my preferred style of metal there is plenty to like here and fans of the genre are sure to like this a lot more than me.

Score: 3.5/5


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Houston "Mechanical Sunshine"
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