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 Homerun "Black World"

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PostSubject: Homerun "Black World"   Tue May 07, 2013 5:25 am

Reviewed by Daniel Bear
Modern Melodic Hard Rock

On the ‘Black World’ Homerun aren’t trying to push any boundaries or create something new, but what they do, they do well. Matteo Albarelli vocals are gritty and very well suited to this type of hard rock, delivering in both the heavier tracks and also on the ballads. The ballad ‘As We Did Before’ has some very nice piano playing and is one of Albarelli’s best vocal offerings.

The heavier tracks offer some very nice chugging guitars and a tight driving rhythm section, there is also some nice keyboard work during some tracks that adds some variation. The twin guitar attack works well on several tracks and there are some very catchy riffs to be found here. In-fact the guitar playing is the highlight of the album; Valerio Castiglioni and Andrea Ringoli mix some classic heavy rock riffs with a more modern guitar attack on other tracks.

Track Listing
Silence’s Broken*
No More*
As We Did Before*
Ephemeral Light
Our Love Song
Black World*
Princess Of Time
The Golden Cage
Intoxication Of Love
Another Reason To
No More (Acoustic Bonus Track)
*Personal Highlights

The Final Word
Get in the car, turn the stereo on and go for a drive with Homerun.

Score: 3/5


*Signature made by me*
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Homerun "Black World"
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