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 Blood Ceremony "Living With The Ancients"

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PostSubject: Blood Ceremony "Living With The Ancients"   Tue May 07, 2013 5:23 am

Reviewed by Daniel Bear
Psychedelic Folk, Progressive Doom Metal

‘Living with the Ancients’ almost transports you back to the early 70s, complete with vintage organ and Flute. You get big heavy doom riffs courtesy of guitarist Sean Kennedy, backed up by a tight grooving drum and bass duo in Andrew Haust and Lucas Gadke. The Organ and Flute are supplied by vocalist Alia O’Brien and they work extremely well. Alia’s vocals fit perfectly within the atmosphere of the album, even though sometimes they get a little lost in the mix.

I say “almost back to the early 70s” because Blood Ceremony has managed to put a bit of a fresh spin on things. There is also enough little nuances to keep you listening from start to finish, the album plays nicely from start to finish and I don’t feel myself reaching for that evil skip button at anytime. Talking of evil, the lyrics are straight out of a seventies horror flick, but they aren’t over emphasized and fit neatly within the overall feel of the album.

Track Listing
The Great God Pan
Coven Tree*
The Hermit
My Demon Brother
Morning of the Magicians*
Oliver Haddo*
Night of Augury
The Witches Dance
Daughter of the Sun
*Personal Highlights

The Final Word
‘Living with the Ancients’ is in keeping with the sound of their self-titled debut release, but improving and refining it and giving it a slightly more modern veneer.

Score 3.75/5


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Blood Ceremony "Living With The Ancients"
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