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 MoonMadness 'All in Between'

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PostSubject: MoonMadness 'All in Between'   Tue May 07, 2013 5:20 am

Reviewed by Victoria Long

Moon Madness is a Finnish and melodic, rocking storm, sweeping through your ears without hesitation. The sound of this band is pure and focused, never deterring from their element yet remaining fresh. The album titled “All In Between” was originally released in 2008 but it does not make it any less brilliant. It opens with a quick instrumental that soars and leads quickly into “Stroke of Midnight”, which immediately caught my ear. This song introduces you to the musical experience that is Moon Madness, with a paced intro that leads to a faster tempo. The guitars, drums, keys, and bass are all very well mixed, then the vocals kick in. The vocals are the most outstanding part of the entire album, as the lovely lead singer Heidi Bergbacka delivers with power and gusto, while still pronouncing each word crisp and clear so it is possible to understand the lyrics which tends to be a rare thing among vocalists. But Heidi's pronunciation is clear and bright, helping add to the band's excellence with their music.

The entire album is one wonderful, clever, and enjoyable musical journey. Every note, every progression is natural and makes for such fantastic listening. This album is a perfect example of what symphonic female-fronted bands should sound like. Moon Madness did not disappoint me in any way and deserves a 4.5/5. This band deserves more recognition, so if you're feeling up to checking out a new band with crystal clear vocals and absolutely rocking instrumentals, Moon Madness is the band for you.


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MoonMadness 'All in Between'
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