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 Serenity "Death & Legacy"

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PostSubject: Serenity "Death & Legacy"   Tue May 07, 2013 5:19 am

Review by Daniel Bear
Symphonic Power Metal

Austrian band Serenity’s third album is a massive accomplishment, polished, epic and well written. The charismatic Georg Neuhauser’s vocals are top notch and his charisma is matched by fantastic bassist Fabio D’Amore. I’vebeen fortunate enough to witness Serenity playing live and I was absolutely blown away, they have great fun and really enjoy their craft. On a side note, I really hope they release a live album, because they sound just as good live as they do in the studio.

On Death & Legacy female vocals are supplied by Ailyn (Sirenia) on The Chevalier, Amanda Somerville (Trillium/Kiske/Avantasia/Epica) on Changing Fate and Charlotte Wessels (Delain) on Serenade of Flames. On recent live shows the wonderful Clémentine Delauney (ex-Whyzdom) has been supplying the female vocals, she has great stage presence and her voice works beautifully with Georg’s.

The musicianship on Death & Legacy is faultless, the hooks and melodies stick in your head and the historically themed songs are extremely well written. All songs are engaging and beautifully arranged and Serenity has developed their own sound without it ever getting that same feeling. The Orchestra and Keys also play a big part in the sound of Serenity as do the crunching guitar riffs and blistering drums on the heavier tracks, it is all in here, miss this album at your peril.

Track Listing
Set Sail To
New Horizons*
The Chevalier
Far From Home*
Heavenly Mission*
State of Siege
Changing Fate
When Canvas Starts To Burn*
Serenade of Flames*
Youngest of Widows
Below Eastern Skies
Beyond Desert Sands
To India’s Shores*
My Legacy
*Personal Highlights

The Final Word
Serenity should be headliners, these guys have moved to the top of their class.

Score: 4.75/5


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Serenity "Death & Legacy"
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