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 Huntress - "Spell Eater"

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PostSubject: Huntress - "Spell Eater"   Tue May 07, 2013 5:18 am

Review by Daniel Bear

Melodic Death Thrash.

Spell Eater seems to be dividing people, it seems you are either going to love it or hate it. Also a lot has been said about Jill Janus’s former exploits which I’m not going to rehash here; all you need to know is that Janus’s vocals are outstanding. She has been classically trained and can take her vocals where few can follow, don’t start thinking Tarja or Simone, think more Rob Halford! They describe their music as Melodic Death Thrash and the lyrics are based around the occult, but there is a depth and alternative meaning if you want to look a little deeper under the hood.

Carl Wierzbicky drums, Eric Harris bass guitar and Ian Alden Rhythm guitar form a good foundation for lead guitarists Blake Meahl to riff to his heart’s content. The album goes at a good speed from start to finish, 11 songs in 46 minutes with a few standout moments. Spell Eater has a fitting darkness throughout that matches the dark lyrical styling. But it is Janus’s vocals that lift Huntress above similar sounding bands, the music isn’t bad, it’s just not doing anything particularly new, a sort of modern take on the 80s NWOBHM.

Track Listing
Spell Eater*
Sleep and Death
Snow Witch*
Eight of Swords*
Night Rape
The Tower
The Dark (Bonus Track)
*Personal Highlights

The Final Word
Spell Eater is a solid debut for Huntress and no matter what you think of Jill Janus she is a fantastic metal vocalist.

Score 3.5/5


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Huntress - "Spell Eater"
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