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 Viking Skull - 'Cursed by the Sword'

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PostSubject: Viking Skull - 'Cursed by the Sword'   Tue May 07, 2013 5:10 am

Review by Daniel Bear

Viking Skull is back with another booze soaked, heavy as hell, groove filled rock n’ roll album, but the Vikings tongue-in-cheek approach should not fool you, this is a seriously good band. While originally formed as a spoof act back in 2002 to support the members main band Raging Speedhorn, Viking Skull lives on (despite line-up changes) whilst Speedhorn split back in 2008. A quick glance at the track list will give you a good idea of where the band is coming from lyrically and there unashamed fun approach to their music is infectious. The band consists of Roddy Stone (Vocals), Waldie (Bass), Dom Wallace & Frank Regan (Guitars) and Cky drummer Jess Margera. There is a lot of diversity on “Cursed by the Sword”, from the opening groovy rocker “Five Fingers of Steel” to the melodic hard rocking second track “This is the End” and from the party anthem “My Bitch Talks Too Much” to the monstrously heavy closer “Sleepwalk”.

Final Word
Viking Skull are far more than they may appear and “Cursed by the Sword” is a great introduction for new fans and another solid album for those of us who are already a fan.

Score 4/5

Track list: (Highlights **)
Five Fingers of Steel (3:16) **
This is the End (3:50) **
Cursed by the Sword (1:39)
Fire (4:02)
Pumped (3:01)
You Look Like I Need a Beer (3:37)
Machine Gun Hooney (4:25)
My Bitch Talks Too Much (3:34)
Second Left On Harris (3:15)
Sleepwalk (7:09)**

Check them out at: https://www.facebook.com/VikingSkull


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PostSubject: Re: Viking Skull - 'Cursed by the Sword'   Sat Jul 27, 2013 2:35 am

It sucks that they have split up though. They were really good.
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Viking Skull - 'Cursed by the Sword'
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