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 Weeping Silence "For The Unsung"

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PostSubject: Weeping Silence "For The Unsung"   Tue May 07, 2013 5:07 am

Reviewed by Brian Kelman

Weeping Silence are:

Angelo Zammit (Drums); Mario Ellul (Guitars); Sean Pollacco (Bass); Alison Ellul (Keyboards) Manuel Spiteri (Guitars); Rachel Grech (Female Vocals); Joseph Grech (Male Growls)

Fans of female fronted metal bands in general and gothic/doom metal bands in particular should give album a listen. There isn't a weak song on the album. Hailing from Malta, the third studio album of Weeping Silence, For The Unsung, is a fine blend of Gothic/Doom Metal with elements recognizeable from Melodic Death Metal and some melodic parts that made me think of, believe it or not, Within Temptation. I even gave Tristania a thought as well. These are a lot of elements to juggle and in my opinion, Weeping Silence pulls it off quite well.

My research of the band indicates that the symphonic elements on previous albums are significantly reduced. What there are provides a rich texture and depth to the music overall.

A guest appearance on vocals is made by Anders Jacobson (Draconian) on 'Love Lies Bleeding' and 'The Search Within'. In a departure from their past, Rachel Grech is accompanied by husband Joseph Grech on male growls. This Beauty and the Beast style of vocals, the melodic appeal of Rachel and the darker growls of Joseph, create the heavy dark atmosphere being played out on the album. Is the contrast and balance between Rachel and Joseph symbolic of the perpetual battle of good and evil? You decide. They are both very emotive in their power and passion. Rachel in particular doesn't necessarily separate herself from the other front women of the metal subgenres, but neither does she take a back seat to them either.

The guitars, drums and keyboards compliment Rachel and Joseph and help give For The Unsung a heavy ambiance, but not in an oppressive way. The guitars are raw and heavy in sound. This is enhanced by some excellent riffing at a slow to mid-range tempo with frequent tempo changes overall. The dual guitars are not spectacular, but are rock steady. No guitar solo stands out per se, but most are emotive in their technical efficiency. The frequent use of double bass drumming has never been a favourite of mine, but it does fit with the rawer heavier doom laden sound. The drums and bass rhythm section is solid in its combination. The keyboards provide very emotive passages seemingly in counterpoint to the mood of the other instruments.

For The Unsung is an epitaph. Since it was released, the band's website has announced that a decade long productive collaboration with Rachel Grech (and Joseph Grech, too) has ended. Diane Camenzuli will be taking over the vocal duties and the new line-up is already writing a new album. The question now is: What's next?

Before the future of Weeping Silence is revealed, enjoy the richness of their past......... For The Unsung.

Overall Rating: 4.25/5


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Weeping Silence "For The Unsung"
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