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 Sorrows Path "The Rough Path of Nihilism"

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PostSubject: Sorrows Path "The Rough Path of Nihilism"   Tue May 07, 2013 5:06 am

Reviewed by: Brian Kelman
Sub-Genre: Progressive/Power/Doom Metal

Sorrows Path is a band aptly named. Formed in November of 1993, the band released its debut album, The Rough Path of Nihilism, in 2010. What took so long? A founding member, bassist Takis Drakopoulo dies suddenly, line up changes, compulsary military service and the other founding member, guitarist Kostas Salomidas, was almost paralysed because of a neck problem due to complications of a past motorcycle accident. It was 5 long years before he was able to pick up a guitar again. The demos from '96 were remastered and finally released as Resurrection in 2006. For perseverance, Sorrows Path get top marks.
Sorrows Path are:

Stavros Giannakos (bass); Kostas Salomidas (guitar); Angelos Ioannidis (vocals); Fotis  Mountouris (drums) and Giannis Tziligkakis (guitar)  who was officially made a member of the band after release.

Sorrows Path is not a typical Doom Metal band. They are rather unique in sound and style.

Sorrows Path does sound, in places, like classic 70s inspired doom. The slow tempo rhythm groove transitioning into a quicker tempo is remaniscent of early Black Sabbath. At the heart of The Rough Path of Nihilism is this slow tempo with a dark atmosphere offering the usual despair and death imagery, but then unexpectantly is infused with some fine gothic, heavy, and power metal traits. In addition, the choir and orchestra in the background add to the atmosphere and depth to the tracks. With the mixing and blending of so many elements, I got a sense of self indulgence at times--because they could--rather than because of artistic necessity. Does this observation point more to what I expect from the sub-genre rather than an appreciation that Sorrows Path is taking it in unexpected places with The Rough Path of Nihilism? Probably. This is a question I invite the listener to interpret for themselves.

The rhythm section of Mountouris and Giannakos mesh nicely to provide a rock solid base for the rest of the band to build on. In fact, I find them to be the standouts on the album. They have talent and it is on full display. Kostas Salomidis and Giannis Tziligkakis provide a very solid dual guitar attack as well, keeping the music moving along and often adding melodic subtleties. While the drum and bass section will maintain a more doom feel, the guitars may go off into a progressive or power melodic tangeant only to find their way back to the doom riffs they departed from. The lead breaks were technically efficient.

Vocally, Angelos Ioannidis employs clean vocals, which are a refreshing change from growls and is another element that stands them apart from others in the Doom sub-genre. He sounds a lot like Rob Halford, circa the Rock-a-Rolla/Sad Wings of Destiny era, in the low to middle range. Regarding the higher range, I'm not convinced he should go there. I heard a struggle to hit the the higher notes. In the future, I'd stick to his strength in the low to mid range.

Overall a solid album that has a lot going on in it. Catchy melodies while maintaining a heavy sound. Sorrows Path The Rough Path of Nihilism is worth a listen. Doom fan or not. This may have been the birth of a reshaping of Doom in particular and Metal in general by a very good band with a very good album.



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Sorrows Path "The Rough Path of Nihilism"
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