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 Caitlin Michele (NBC'S "The Voice")

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PostSubject: Caitlin Michele (NBC'S "The Voice")   Tue May 07, 2013 5:04 am

Interviewed by Victoria and Jessica

Victoria: What was it like being on The Voice?

Being on The Voice was incredible. I met the best people and just had the best time. It was stressful, but overall, it was one of the greatest experiences of my life

Jessica: What preparations did you have to make to appear on The Voice?

To appear on the Voice I had to audition a few times, nothing crazy!

Victoria: What has life been like since making your first appearance on The Voice?

Nothing really has changed, honestly. No one really says anything to me on the streets. I just go to class and try my best not to fail/starve to death. It's funny, people assume because I am on TV, I have lots of money and fame, when I am just a struggling college kid.

Victoria: What was the moment that really inspired you to become a singer?

I can't even remember, I have been singing since I was 5. I mean...no one knew I sang until high school, but yeah, I always sang.

Victoria: There is a strong "Florence Welch" quality to your voice but you still manage to make your voice yours. How great of an influence is Florence in your singing?

She honestly isn't a huge influence, despite what people think. I have an issue of mimicking the original artist when I sing...but if you heard my own music you would see that I am more influenced by Regina Spektor and Joni Mitchell.

Victoria: What other music has influenced your life?

A lot of music. I love punk and hardcore, lyrically, that inspires me. I also love folk, I love Marina and The Diamonds, Lana Del Rey, Lady Gaga, those "pop" divas. I like Bright Eyes a lot. Bon Iver. Bands like Laura Stevenson and The Cans, Daughter, Tune-Yards, Twin Sister, Beach House. I LOVE The Civil Wars. Old music. New music. Show tunes, classical. I love it all. It all inspires me.

Jessica: What are some of your favorite artists/bands?

I just mentioned most of my favorite bands!

Victoria: Have you been in any bands?

I have been in a cover band! It was fun, we played bars.

Victoria: Do you plan to record a solo album in the future?

I am working on a solo album now! I have a kickstarter project to fund it as well!

Jessica: What genre(s) of music do you want to do?

I am currently working on a folkier/indie album. I just play ukulele. When I play live it's just me! But the album will have banjo and strings and crazy cool noise. It's gonna rule.

Jessica: Apart from music, what are some other hobbies of yours?

I have been modeling a lot lately; it's something I'd like to take seriously. I used to act a lot, mostly in musicals, but I've done TV and movies. I rescue animals and work out. I like to take pictures and adventure and hangout with my boyfriend. I spend a lot of time with him, obviously, and he is also a musician so I go to his shows a lot.

Victoria: You have a lot of fans now. How does it feel?

It's amazing and unreal that people care about me as an artist. It's what I've always wanted. I don't care about money or fame, I just want to inspire a few people and just go on tour playing in people's houses.

Jessica: Any words for your supporters?

I love you all! I want to thank you all for everything. So cliche...But true! I didn't have the confidence before you guys!


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Caitlin Michele (NBC'S "The Voice")
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