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PostSubject: Otep   Tue May 07, 2013 5:01 am

Interviewed by Jessica Clingempeel and various fans
Official Site

So, talking politicians, which candidate are you hoping will win?

Otep: I hope that a Democrat will take the Whitehouse back from these miserable failures that are running our nation into the ground. I support both Hillary and Barack.

Would you ever run for president? If so, what would you change in America?

Otep: I don't think I would as I don't (currently) have the stomach for that kind of public and political scrutiny. I am much more comfortable as an activist, finger pointer, and provocateur.

How do you deal with those against your music? The ones trying to ban you because of controversy? Isn't it our right to speak freely?

Otep: I don't really pay much attention to them. I just keep doing what I do and hope that it touches as many people as possible.

If you had your way on dealing with child molesters and abusers, what would you do? What would you say to them?

Otep: I would research all of the torture tactics used throughout history and apply them accordingly. Anyone that hurts a child in this way deserves nothing but eternal suffering.

Would you ever consider using a fan's poem/song in one of your albums?

Otep: I am always impressed by how creative and talented and imaginative our fans are and we've used fan artwork to make shirts before but I've never considered a poem or song. I think I'd be open to including a poem from one of our supporters in a future release, but it would have to be the right circumstances and for the right reasons.

How did you deal with the problems with the release of The Ascension? It seemed like the fans and even you were getting tensed up at the end.

Otep: It was extremely difficult but was the right thing to do. We are very happy with our new record label (KOCH RECORDS). They are true believers in our message, music, and movement.

Have you ever ran into any problems with the fans?

Otep: Our music incites emotion and decimates all of life's repressions. For some, that can be overwhelming and they take it a bit further than most would which can be a little strange and frustrating in the wrong circumstances. But overall, our fans and supporters are amazingly caring people that aren't afraid to be themselves & support each other.

How about a freestyle for us?

Otep: Sunday poem. Burning beneath the coiling of a reptile sky. Romancing the wound. Here, in the empire of sin and skin. Blessed is the safety of this sound. Keys clicking their agile defiance. I find myself smiling and sipping life from the fingers of eternity.

8 8 8 8 8 8

Now below are questions from numerous fans...........

Stephanie M: Over the years you've become more popular with thousands of fans, where do you see the band in 5 years?

Otep: Hi Stephanie, I see the band living in a fortified compound somewhere in the mountains of Tibet, preparing for world domination, in the spiritual realm, polishing weapons of the mind, and saving the souls of all mankind ....... actually ........ I just hope we keep making music that is important to us and we keep evolving as musicians and songwriters and are able to increase the power of our live performances.

Linda: How are the vocal exercises?

Otep: Bon jour Linda, they are helping greatly. The polyp seems to have disappeared and my voice feels strong again. Thank you for asking.

Andres: How did Otep hook up with the new band members?

Otep: Greetings Andres, we found them at the bus station panhandling for change. No, that's not true. Brian Wolff (drummer/ninja/squid) was introduced to us by a friend of the band. Brian is the most amazing drummer we've ever had and is the creator of a unique fighting style that combines ancient martial arts with drumming. He calls it WOLFF-CORE.

Brian is also responsible for introducing us to our new guitarist, Aaron "Alpha" Nordstrom. They are longtime friends who perfected their musical gifts in similar measure. Aaron brings a technical mastery of guitar to the band that we've not had in a long time but he also has this amazingly wild and savage performance style that heightens his role as one of the most charismatic and talented guitar players we've ever had. In his other life, Aaron (Alpha) is a scholar, alchemist, and kung fu aficionado.

With these 2 lunatics joining myself and the incredibly talented maestro EVIL J, our live shows have never been more powerful and liberating.

Brittany: What inspires your lyrics? Is it imagination, real life experiences first hand, influences by stories...? What are the band member's favorite bands now and/or growing up and what kind of impact have they had on them?

Otep: Hola Brittany, it is my belief that artists should be open to all forms and sources of inspiration. So yes, all things bring their essence to our songs. As for our favorite band right now -- I have no idea. I know we all love (old) Radiohead but you'd have to ask them as we all have such varying tastes in music and art.

Amber: What is it like being a female in the metal industry and do you ever face discrimination because of your gender?

Otep: Greetings Amber, in rock music (as in everyday life) people who are different or not of the majority will be looked on as different, an outcast, and sometimes discriminated against. But I didn't start a band with any thought of this. It's the way life is and there will always be obstacles. It's my job to decimate any & all stereotypes by not pandering to them.

Elizabeth: How has becoming a world renowned artist changed you and/or those around you?

Otep: Hello Elizabeth, I am not sure I am a world renowned artist but being able to make art for a living is a dream come true and one that I take very seriously. I worked so hard to get here, I don't ever want it to go away. This is all too precious and I never want to look back and think I wasted it. I work harder now than I ever did before I was signed or had created an album.

Lindsey: Is Otep single and if not who is she with?

Otep: Guten Tag Lindsey, indeed I am single.

Rhiannon: What do you hope for your fans to gain from listening to your music?

Otep: Shalom Rhiannon, I suppose I hope they find a sense of connection and liberation, perhaps even inspire them to create or rediscover their imagination. I believe an artists greatest gift is to inspire. If I can do that, I'm doing my job.

Rosario: What goes through your mind when you scream that way? I'm asking this because there's a lot of people out there who would love to scream like you.

Otep: Aloha Rosario, I see visions sometimes (in my minds eye) when I perform. I feel every emotion. When I am reciting quietly, delicately, it feels like a million tiny kisses all over my body. When I am screaming in defiance, the lower toned one feels like every atom in my body is imploding on itself and then exploding outward with incredible force. The higher shrieks feel like I'm soaring over the world showering everything in liquid fire. It's quite overwhelming. Every show is a spiritual intercourse. I find it quite satisfying.

Stephanie: When did you come out growing up? If you had to choose one painting to get tattooed on you, what would you choose? Is there anything else you would like to achieve in life besides an author, poet, artist and performer?

Otep: Namasté Stephanie, my first crush was in middle school with the girl down the block from me. She had beautiful hazel eyes with long, curly eyelashes and I would draw her little pictures all the time. I think my family knew then that I was attracted to the same sex. If I had to choose one painting, it might be something by Bosch. I hope to do many more things but right now I am focused on our new album, The Ascension.

Meghan: What is your most memorable moment while on tour?
Do you get any time for yourself, or is at all work and hustle?

Otep: Buon giorno Meghan, I have had so many amazing moments on tour. Every time I hear the crowds chanting "OTEP OTEP OTEP" it sends thrill chills throughout my entire being. I am so very lucky to have this opportunity and to be supported by such amazing people.


*Signature made by me*

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PostSubject: Re: Otep   Sat Jul 27, 2013 4:02 am

Never listened to Otep much. Heard maybe two songs but she sounds like a pretty awesome woman. I am going to go listen to some more of her now.
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