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PostSubject: Xandria   Tue May 07, 2013 4:58 am

Interviewed by Victoria Long
Official Site

This is the fifth studio album, “Neverworld's End”. What inspired this title?

Marco: “Neverworld” is the world we dream it when we are young, especially as a child. We think we can be everything we want when we grow up, we think the world will be a better place maybe. But there is a point in life when we see most of the dreams will never come true and will remain fantasy.

What can we expect from Neverworld's End?

Marco: Big, imaginative soundscapes to take you away to another place if you want! We wanted to create a really epic journey through everything that´s great in Symphonic Metal – both classic and modern metal mixed with atmospheric elements, Celtic and Arabic instruments, calm ballads and powerful, double bass driven songs…

Manu: Metal, emotions, an epic journey...

What makes this album different from the previous ones?

Marco: It is really a new version of Xandria, all the electronic and “poppy” things are gone, it´s pure, bombastic symphonic metal. We wanted to do this as far as you can go on this path, so this new album is much heavier, more orchestral and also complex than every previous album.

Manu: When I heard the demos for the first time on my way to the audition as a new singer, it was clear for me that "Neverworld´s end" is going to be a new direction, a more heavy and symphonic one. I have been convinced from the first minute I listened to it and said to myself: "Damn, I wanna sing these songs!" And fortunately I was able to do it and I am very happy that I had the possibility to make the lyrics alive with my voice.

What inspired “Valentine”, the new single? Can we expect much of the same sound throughout the album or are there some drastic differences in some songs?

Marco: Valentine was based on a metalcore riff I jammed just for fun with an old friend, and then I thought, this could be a great Xandria song also (laughs). The lyrics are about an artist that sold his integrity to the business that exploited the dreams he once had. Finally he realizes that he is only wearing a fake smile for everyone because people expect him to smile and that his dreams are lost.

Musically it is representative for the album in the way it shows the basic elements of it: symphonic metal. We wanted to make clear with this song that we are not just a “ballad” band anymore (laughs). But the whole album keeps a lot more secrets to unfold!

It has been a couple years since Manuela Kraller joined Xandria. How has working with her been?

Marco: Excellent! She is such a great person with a good sense of humor and absolutely passionate for the music we want to do! She really loves metal, especially the symphonic  way, so she was positively surprised and even more motivated when she realized that we wanted to go even more into that direction. The chemistry was perfect from the beginning on when she joined us!

Was the album finished relatively quickly or were there some problems while creating it?

Marco: If you take into account that we had to search for a new singer a second time when we almost have been ready for recording the album, then yes, this was a big problem – but with Manuela joining us it had a happy ending! The preparation and recording of the album stretched over the longest period ever in our own history, but this only shows how ambitious and elaborate this new album is! The songwriting itself has been a great time, because it was a blast entering new terrain and do everything we wanted to do for a long time, if we knew about it…

Were there any songs that didn't make it on the album?

Marco: Not really. We are not a band that writes 50 songs and then throw away 40. For me as a songwriter an album is like a painting and all the songs are parts of this picture. So I only work on ideas that fit into it, and if not, I leave it away in an early stadium. It´s always hard for me to write songs for bonus material the record label always want to have, because I have to add brush strokes that don´t really fit into but has to fit at the same time, if you know what I mean (smiles).

Xandria recently took part in the big “Out of the Dark Festival” tour with many other talented bands. How was that whole experience for you all? Can we expect another tour like it in the future, perhaps a big “Neverworld's End” tour?

Marco: It has been a great experience, because the guys from the other bands have been amazing people, so it was like traveling with a big family after only a few days! We really hope to do something like this again and we want to tour as much as possible with the new album! But we are in the middle of planning thing right now so you all have to check our website in the next time for new confirmations!

Manu: We had an amazing time with amazing people! We were all on the same wavelength and had similar humor, so we had very much fun also during travelling in the bus  It was an awesome experience for me to be with such great bands on tour! And now I am very looking forward to tour with Epica and Stream of passion in March and in April!

Speaking of shows, you will be supporting EPICA next month. What are your overall feelings towards performing on these shows?

Marco: Epica is a well known band, one of the biggest in the genre, and we want to enthuse their crowds with our music, too! Additionally, I think it is a very good tour package for everyone seriously into symphonic metal!

Manu: I am already very excited because it´ll be the first time performing the new Xandria songs. And of course I am curious to get to know Epica and Stream of passion and to share tour life with them. And not to forget: I´m looking forward to meet the fans, have a talk and sing for them!

Is there any message you wanted to send with the new album?

Marco: Even if this world is such a cold, greed and money driven place overally and we have to realize that it is far away from the dream world that once have been our hope for the future, we should never lose the key to this world deep in our ourselves. We would like to be our music a key to this world of fantasies, where you can gather strength for returning into reality and cope with everything.

What's the best thing fans have ever done for the band?

Marco: We are just so grateful for everyone who tells us that our music means something to him or her. Makes no difference how it is expressed to us, we just love you all!

Manu: For me personally the most wonderful present is, if our music makes the fans feeling good and puts a smile on their face. But as Marco said it doesn't matter how fans show us their support, every single word and every expression is something special.

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

Marco: Thank you for being there for us, even if we let you wait for so long! And to everyone who didn't know us before: Give our new album a listen, we would really appreciate if you like it and to see you all on tour then!  We would really love to come to the US and play for you all there!!!  
…and thank you at Damned & Divine for supporting us! You are amazing!!!!!!  

Manu: I can´t add more beside that I am very happy for the good response we get from all over the world, also from the US! It shows me that we are on the right path with our music and I really hope that we can come very soon to the US and play for you all! Love you!


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PostSubject: Re: Xandria   Sat Jul 27, 2013 4:08 am

Enjoyed reading this interview. Thanks!
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