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PostSubject: Battlelore   Tue May 07, 2013 4:52 am

Interviewed by Jessica Clingempeel
Answered by Jyri Vahvanen (Guitar, Lyrics)
Official Site

How is the recording process going?

We have just finished all the recordings in Sound Supreme studios with our producer Janne Saksa and the next step is to send the material to Sweden where the legendary metal icon Dan Swanö will do the mixing and mastering.

How did you come up with the title "The Last Alliance"?

It just came to me like half year before the recordings and I felt that it might be a good title for our next album which is also the last album for Napalm Records with the present recording contract. It doesn’t mean that we won’t continue with Napalm, but there might be some other options also.

Was there any inspiration for this album?

Tolkien as always. There isn't any continuous story between the songs, but all of them are about Tolkien’s Middle-earth like before. Like I have said thousand times before, Battlelore’s main source of inspiration is Tolkien’s written poetry and we are almost like a tribute band to his amazing work.

Who wrote the lyrics for this album or did everyone contribute a little something?

I wrote most of the lyrics and Jussi (lead guitar) did a small Finnish part in one of the songs.

What should we expect from this one? Are you keeping the same sounds?

I think that the new album will be something between Sword’s Song and Evernight. I tried to give ‘back to the roots’ touch for all of my arrangements and so did everyone else. There’s quite epic stuff with some killer choruses and a lot of catchy melodies, but still in the vein of true metal. The sound will be a bit different comparing the Evernight, because we did the recordings with different producer and Mr. Swanö will do the mixing alone and he will be responsible for the final sound of the album. We truly trust in his vision, after all the guy has produced over 200 albums if I’m not wrong.

What got you all into the folklore scene?

I think it was me who drag all the others into this stuff, hahaha! I just love folklore’s and folk music united with metal and so do most of the others in our band. I think that musically we are quite far from folk music, but lyrically you may say that our music has folklore influences.

This is going to be a random question but do any of you play World of Warcraft and what are the levels?

Nope, sorry. Our ex-bassist is quite addicted to WoW, but I haven’t got time to start playing (yet )

Back to the new album, how long did it take to write the songs and everything?

It took about a year to finish everything. I did the first songs right after Evernight. We didn't try to hurry or anything the new songs just came very naturally and we actually recorded more songs than we really need for the album and we are not sure yet that are there any so called ‘weak’ ones which won’t fit into the package. It is a good situation, because now we have a plenty of material where to choose.

I love Finland's culture and the language, will the album have a lot of Finnish elements or even a song in Finnish on this one?

There will be a few verses in one song in Finnish. We have tried to put some Finnish elements on all of our albums. On WtSL’s booklet was this Tolkien’s poem in Finnish, War of Wrath on Sword’s Song included also some Finnish lyrics and the intro of Third Age of the Sun is spoken in Finnish. We also recorded a song with quite a lot of Finnish lyrics for the new album. We’ll see if the song will end up in the album.

Is a tour expected in America after the release?

There’s been a lot of conversation and if everything goes well, there might be a good chance for the tour in US. Usually it is not up to us, but booking agency, promotion, timing etc.

Did anyone have to do anything special or any changes for this album?

Actually everything went quite easily without any major problems or changes. It was very easy and pleasant to work with Janne and his methods of working fits us well.

Will there be any guests featured?

No, at this time we have done all the stuff by our selves. Well, there is this one small speech part in the end of one songs which is made by Janne. He has a bad flue which made his voice very rough and impressive that we asked him to do this speech.

When do you expect a release date?

The releasing is planned to be in the end of August.


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PostSubject: Re: Battlelore   Sat Jul 27, 2013 4:27 am

Great interview! I always wondered if they played wow. lol
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