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 Emma of Sick Puppies

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PostSubject: Emma of Sick Puppies   Tue May 07, 2013 4:51 am

Interviewed by Aaron Loy
Official Site

What lead you to choose playing bass guitar instead of other instruments. Were there any artists who inspired you to make this choice, or that have influenced your playing style?

I learned The basics on guitar then when I met Shim at school I switched to bass as he played guitar and sang, it was a logistical thing at first then I fell in love with bass and never looked back.

I loved this Australian band called, 'PRESHRUNK', they had two bass players and I was in awe of both of them so that sparked off the romance with bass.

Has there been any talk of a new album in the near future?

Yes, absolutely, we are planning on finishing our tour in a couple of months and then start writing/recording.

What is it like being on tour and being the only female in the band?

I've known Shim and Paul, our Manager, for years and Mark coming into the band a few years ago has bee awesome, they're all sweet guys so I am lucky to be around that. However, girls are girls so we need our private time so I just take time out and watch a lot of movies and read books.

Do you have a favorite song to perform that has a special meaning and if so can you share it with us?

I would say 'Howard's Tale' because not only do I love playing it live as it's one of the heavier songs, it also speaks about a serious subject that doesn't particularly get too much attention as it's a bit of a taboo. Child abuse and its consequences.

What is it like to see the band doing so well? When you first started did you ever imagine Sick Puppies would come this far?

Well when we first started we always had big dreams and goals so I guess we never let go. But actually being able to travel places we wouldn't otherwise ever see and be able to play our music to the people there is something you can't describe, no matter how 'Successful' you are, that never gets old so I can definitely say we haven't finished yet!!!

You sing supporting vocals on some of the songs on Dressed Up As life, any chance we might get you on lead vocals for a song in the future?

Hmm not sure, maybe.

How long have you and the guys known one another?

I've known Shim and Paul, our manager, for a good 10 years and Mark came in a few years ago.

When playing bass do you prefer using your fingers or a pick, and do you have any advice for new or beginning bassists who are reading this?

I love playing with a pick as it gets that grinding sound that I never get tired of and sometimes when the song comes down the fingers are great for the smooth and subtle sounds and as for slap that's a fun feeling. I would say just love what you are playing and seek out music you want to play and learn it, then you'll always be wanting more and practicing more without even knowing it.

What set of equipment do you prefer?

I play Warwick basses and Ampeg Amps.

Do you prefer heavier music or soft? What are some of your favorite bands that we may find on your playlist?

I love both, whether a song is heavy or soft, if it makes you feel something then it's working its magic.

Rage Against the Machine, Muse, Tool are great for certain feelings and on the softer side, John Mayer is a guilty pleasure and also Jon McLaughlin's first record is a gem.

Do you feel like you have accomplished all your goals or do you have more goals in life?

I feel like I'm pretty lucky to be able to do what I do for one, it feels great knowing that persistence pays off at some point but I always think humans will have more goals to achieve no matter where you are in life. That's perpetual.

What has been the best experience so far in the band? What has been the least best experience?

At the risk of sounding like a Cliche, the best experience is just being able to do what we do and play to people everyday, that's the reason we started and the feeling it gives me personally is unmatched and special, as for the least best? Probably the anxiety of being able to better ourselves each time, each record and each show. As I said before the goals are perpetual.

Are there any struggles with fans, media, etc. considering you are a female?

Not any more than the next person, they may have different expectations of a female but it's rarely an issue.

If you could go back 10 years ago would you do anything differently or perhaps choose a different path? What about 10 years in the future; still see yourself as a musician?

That hard to say, I wouldn't really change anything in the past because I might not be right here today and I'd hate to think where I'd be and in 10 years? I really can't say, but playing music is definitely in the blood no matter what happens.

Are you working on any side projects or maybe thinking about doing some of your own stuff?

At this point all my focus and energy is on my band because it deserves it, considering its given me so much.

Maybe in the future side projects might be cool but for now it's all out with my band.


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PostSubject: Re: Emma of Sick Puppies   Sat Jul 27, 2013 4:30 am

I enjoy some songs from Sick Puppies. Emma seems really sweet. Good interview!
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Emma of Sick Puppies
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