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 Magica #2

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PostSubject: Magica #2   Tue May 07, 2013 4:48 am

Interviewed by Jessica Clingempeel & Various Fans
Official Site

Jessica: A question for all members, has the musician career always been a dream or was there something else you may have wanted that you could not or may want to achieve?

Hi! In fact some of us still dream about a musician career while others (like Ana) are living it. Besides Magica, Ana is working with the Opera House in Constanta city. Magica is a long way from becoming a career. Now it is just a hobby, but It would be nice to make a living out of it.

Jessica: Now, to ask a few questions about the new album. What can we expect?

"Wolves and witches" is a little different than the other albums because we tried to loose the symphonic touches, set the keyboards in the background and look for a more direct sound, a edgier one. I think we accomplished that very well.

Jessica: How long did it take to do the whole writing process of this new album and getting everything prepared for release?

Writing took about 6 months because I was not in a hurry and I will never be when it comes down to writing songs; recording took about 1 month and a half, and release preparations about 3 months.

Jessica: How many more albums do you think fans will see in the future or is there a limit to what you want to do?

I don't think there is a limit in my lifetime.

B_K: Do you have any ideas for the video clips you'll have for the new album? How will they be like?

We really do not have a certain plan for a video right now. At some point if we will think it is necessary, we'll start a brainstorming and get one done.

B_K: Each of your albums have a different style, looks like you don't like to repeat yourselves. What can you say about the style of Wolves & Witches?

All that I mentioned above and I can add that you'll hear more and more edgy guitar riffing, while keeping the trademark of Magica...very melodic vocal parts.

B_K: Ana showed off her compositional skills on Hereafter, on the songs Turn to Stone and Shallow Grave, which shows that not only is she a beautiful and very good singer, but also a real musician. Did she interfere in the process of composing on Wolves & Witches too?

She thanks you for your nice words. On Wolves and Witches Ana helped with the vocal harmonies, and she also changed some of the verse melodies, to fit her style better.

B_K: Will there be any cover-song on Wolves & Witches?


Sunburst: The songs of your new album are based on Romanian legends and tales. Does that express your love to your country?

Do you know the saying " We have a beautiful country...too bad that it is populated "? That's how I feel about it.

Sunburst: Will there be further explanation of the tales behind the songs for those fans who are uncommon with the Romanian folklore?

Here are the basic ideas behind each song.

"They stole the sun" - "zmeu" is a unique kind on monster with superhuman strength that has a nasty habit of stealing.

"Don't wanna' kill" - "Varcolac" is a Romanian werewolf

"Just for two coins" - a story about fate, chains of events and the inevitable outcome

"Hold on tight" - you're on the back of a winged horse. The bad news is that a bloody "she-demon" is chaseing you.

"Hurry up ravens" - forever is such a long, long time ..

"Maiastra" - the fantasy bird

"Chitaroptera" - The order of bats (chiroptera), just suffered a metal mutation. This is the first instrumental song Magica ever recorded, and this song exists because it underlines the folklore side of this metal record.

"Dark secret" - mirrors reflect your evil side

"In the depths of the lake" - "Stima Apei" is a female water demon that from time to time demands as tribute a male, to feed on his head.

"Mistress of the wind" - "Ielele" are treacherous spirits of the wind , that take the form of very beautiful girls.

"Until the light is gone" - a grieving mother holds on , more than she should, to the spirit of her dead son

Sunburst: How hard was/is it to cope with the sudden departure of Sorin Vlad?

Sorin Vlad is in fact the new bass player that just came in the band. The ex bass player left on his own choice and I have no hard feelings about that. His place was filled right away by Sorin, whom I knew for a long time so the choice was very easy.

Sunburst: Will you tour after the release of the new album and where will your path lead?

I hope we'll tour and play as much as possible. we are still looking for a nice booking agency that we can work with.

Langlest: Do you have any plans to come to the UK?

We want to come to UK. Me and Ana, we visited London while touring with Axxis, Gamma Ray and Helloween, and we liked it very much.

Langlest: What is your opinion to manele music and the people who listen to it?

Oh, I wish you didn't have to ask that because I will be sincere . I think "manele" is a ripp off from oriental music and combined with very bad grammar, stupid lyrics and idiots; everything results in a horrible outcome that sadly is enjoyed by a large mass of people, mostly from the countryside. So if you have a minimum level of culture, it would be impossible for you to like that crap.

Langlest: What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to one of you in public?

Hmm..I don't know if it is "the most"; but Ana did fall in the lake while recording the video for Entangled. She was asked to walk right on the edge and the land just slidinto the water, taking Ana along with it )

Langlest: If you had to pick one song to portray your image and style then what would it be?

"I don't wanna kill"


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PostSubject: Re: Magica #2   Sat Jul 27, 2013 4:43 am

Another great interview from Magica.
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Magica #2
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