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 Bad Reed Video Punch It

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PostSubject: Bad Reed Video Punch It   Sat Jan 23, 2016 4:37 pm

Reviewed by Brian Kelman

A Beat and a Beauty:
When you make a video it always helps to have a killer song to go with the images it represents. As the cornerstone of Bad Reed's self-titled EP released in the summer of 2015, Punch It is certainly that. Punch It begins with a real laid back bluesy beat set down by the cool cats of Bad Reed and accented by Sydney's melodic keys. Don't get too mellow my friends because Punch It builds to a heavier more frenetic rhythm and beat that even an old Metalhead like me can appreciate. Melody is still the foundation that the added aggression builds upon, as Sydney's keys mirror this emotive change; to Graham's dexterity on the fret board; rock steady Costa adding his flair in sync with cool man Austin's bass chords. That's the 'Beat' that I caught myself swaying to as I listened and watched. I recommend listening to this with headphones to fully appreciate the mix. The 'Beauty' is Sydney in sight and sound. Vocally she hits all the right notes for a spine tingling experience; hypnotic, passionate and melodic are at the forefront of her exquisite performance. Kudos for the Gothic death growl of 'darkly', too.
I suppose what follows is an interpretation that is entirely my own. To adapt a phrase: 'Meaning is in the mind of the beholder'. Visually, the image of the naked light bulb is symbolic of the Self bereft of the outer trappings we surround ourselves with on a daily basis. For those members of this particular forum they can identify with the symbolism of both What Lies Beneath (see: damnedanddivine.forumotion.com/t24-tarja-s-what-lies-beneath) and overcoming the limitations and 'rituals' placed upon us by others and ourselves (see: damnedanddivine.forumotion.com/t269-tarja-s-vor-video). 

After watching and rereading my Victim of Ritual review linked above, I see here a connection in the symbolism of a universal philosophical principle: the desire for freedom or living one’s life on one’s own terms as expressed in videos Victim of Ritual and Punch It. This struggle against harmful rituals not of our own making and the limitations of a shell of our own making to escape from freedom is as applicable for a 16 veteran of the music industry (Tarja in 2013) as it is for Bad Reed a young band just starting out with their first EP. Experience and stylistic differences are irrelevant since both share the characteristic of being expressions from both the heart and the soul. 

Specifically to the song lyrics of Punch It, the reference to one's shell is perfectly understandable for anyone born under the sign of Cancer: The Crab. Although providing safety and security, the shell is inhibiting and limiting. Overcome the shell and let one's light shine free. Fire is light. Fire is warmth. Fire is purifying. A baptism of fire burns away our limitations ('shell') and sets us free. Free to fly to where our dreams take us. 
Is the goal of an artist (of any genre) to get the viewer/listener to have a reaction that resonates on a personal level; even if the interpretation differs from the artist's original intent? I'd like to think so. As a result, Bad Reed has succeeded quite well.
See also my other review of Bad Reed when I saw them perform at my local café also posted on the Damned & Divine Webzine.
Punch It (Written by Bad Reed)
Verse: 0:00 – 1:00 
Exhilaration upon rising to meet. 
Mirror creation and it’s hard to keep. 
These, feet to the ground as I face to the sky. 
Without my shell 
I think I’d fly. 
Without my shell.. 
Without and well.. 
Chorus: 1:00 – 1:45 
For now we see.. 
Through a glass, darkly.. 
For now we see.. 
For now we see.. 
Through a glass, darkly.. 
For now we see.. 
Verse: 1:58 – 2:36 
Interpretation of self life and net. 
Mirror creation so vast infinite.
And these, feet leave the ground and this face isn’t mine. 
Without our shells, now we’ll fly 
Without our shells.. 
Within we’re well.. 
Chorus: 2:36 – 3:20 
For now we see.. Through a glass, darkly.. 
For now we see.. (Darkly..) 
For now we see.. Through a glass, darkly.. 
For now we see..
Produced by: George Rondina with Bernardo Francisco Cisternas at Number 9 Audio Group Toronto, Ontario
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by: Bernardo Francisco Cisternas at Number 9 Audio Group Toronto, Ontario
Check out our catalogue and merchandise:

Bad Reed is Costa Chatzis on percussion, Austin Sharpe on bass, Sydney Sollazzo on vocals and keyboards, and Graham Walker on guitars. Hailing from small towns and diverse backgrounds, Bad Reed consists of members with varying music tastes. The group emerged in March 2015 from the ashes of their previous acts to forge a new, focused force of nature. Strip-searching music’s history while fusing modern zest, they are likened to acts from Alt-J, Hozier, Jack White, and The Black Keys to Snarky Puppy, The Mars Volta, and Esperanza Spalding.

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Bad Reed Video Punch It
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