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 Bad Reed

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PostSubject: Bad Reed   Sat Jan 02, 2016 3:42 pm

Bad Reed is a local band from my area. 

How did I discover this band? Glad you asked!

When I was out at the Staples store buying a Western Digital storage device this past July I met the drummer of a local band from Paris (Ontario, Canada not France). Costa and I must have talked music for about a half an hour. Bad Reed considers themselves an Alternative Rock band and I find that a fitting label. What also caught my attention was that his girlfriend Sydney is the vocalist (and keyboard player). No surprise since as you all know so well that I'm a fan of female fronted (for the most part metal) bands in general and our Angel of Music Tarja in particular. Eventually, Costa ran into the back room of the store and returned with his last card with a code for a free download their self titled EP from their website; a very welcome gesture. I downloaded it that afternoon and have enjoyed listening to it off and on over the intervening months. 

I find Bad Reed to be an eclectic mix of influences and sound. I find their rhythms to be catchy at times, haunting at others but always 'infectious' (to steal a turn of phrase from another reviewer). Sydney has a lovely singing voice that I have little doubt will grow and improve with practice, maturity and if she takes care of her instrument in a health sense.

Fast forward to December 12th: An Acoustic Open Mic evening was hosted in my favourite cafe, The Brown Dog Coffee Shoppe, downtown on the water (the back decks overlook the Grand River) in Paris, Ontario, Canada headlined by Bad Reed. When I arrived Costa and Graham were outside having a smoke and Sydney, who fortunately for that lovely singing voice she has, was abstaining and was trying to stand upwind from them. As did I. I reminded Costa of our encounter in July which he did not remember (given the number of customers he sees he can't remember everyone). 

The most obvious thing about this group of enthusiastic talented young musicians I heard talking with them and listening to their EP and seeing their performance is that they all have a passion and love of music. 

In an industry that many times requires circumstance rather than planning; an industry known to be kind and cruel; I wish the members of Bad Reed all the success in the world toward realizing their dreams. How the future unfolds for them is unknown. In the meantime I look forward to the next Open Mic at the Brown Dog and hope Bad Reed will be there. I think I heard some new material may be forthcoming.

If in the future you hear about Bad Reed coming to a venue near you remember you heard about them from me first. OK?

Here is the band's official website. There is a video link that includes an interview and all three songs that made up their EP (Punch It, Slackjaw Romance and Cassava). 

Check 'em out.


Many thanks to our host Emma Zimmer for a successful evening of music and donations. Emma also made her debut as a performer as well and did very well. In the future, I look forward to more acoustic entertainment at the Brown Dog from our local talent including Emma and Bad Reed.

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Bad Reed
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