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 Helalyn Flowers

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PostSubject: Helalyn Flowers   Tue May 07, 2013 4:46 am

Interviewed by Jessica Clingempeel & Joshua Becker
Official Site

What does the title, “Stitches Of Eden”, means?

Where everything is taken for granted, where people, wrapped in materialism, live passively, controversies, cynicism , power games… where children already born adult and love is a forgotten word, then there lays a beautiful, peaceful, uncorrupted world in which we can live everyday just catching the meaning and importance of every little thing. A sort of inner ‘Eden’ that reacts to human rationality which scars sweetly heal, letting pure and subconscious feelings and everything we call ‘absurd’ live as main characters. So, “Stitches Of Eden” is a metaphor that holds the meaning behind this healing process.

Is Stitches Of Eden’s music to be different stylistically than the previous one, or will it continue the same line as the previous?

Absolutely something really different than “A Voluntary Coincidence”. Our debut album is a reflex of what we were in that period. We were living inner crisis, so we used to analyze everything that’s corrupted and defective in human being, without suggesting a kind of ‘redemption’ but only condemning and feeling negative. That’s why it sounded so ‘harsh’ and ‘difficult’. With “Stitches Of Eden” you can breathe our positivity also in the music, which is more ‘open’ and full of Pop/Wave tones. We see “Stitches Of Eden” as the beginning of a new era of Helalyn Flowers. We consider it as our real first album in some way.

Every artist has an inspiration for each piece of work, for this album what was yours?

During the creative process we listened to a lot of New Wave of the 80s (Duran Duran, Talk Talk, Gary Numan, The Cure, Killing Joke… so you’ll hear a lot of common elements with that sound, especially in the electronic and rhythmic patterns. But it’s NOT a New Wave album! We manipulate every kind of sonority and filter it through our ‘artistic’ needs. It’s pure self-expression.

How many tracks is going to be featured on the album?

Stitches of Eden contains 10 songs. Here’s the definitive track-list:

1. Sitting On The Moon
2. Your Killer Toy
3. Love Like Aliens
4. Crystal Bullet
5. Friendly Strangers
6. Hybrid Moments
7. Don’t Wake Me Up
8. Psychic Vamp
9. Never Enough
10. As Angels Spying Mars

How long did the writing process take and how did the recordings go?

Well, there’s no specific period behind these new songs, but we could definitely say that the whole first half of 2009 was a sort of magical moment for us, in which we ‘entered’ the true dimension of this record without dispersions.

We recorded, mixed and mastered the whole album at our own private studios.

Only vocals (except for “Psychic Vamp” were recorded at Temple Of Noise Studios in Rome, except for editing and fx which have been managed by us.

When do you expect the album to be released?

It ìs going to be released on November 27th via Alfa Matrix Records and will be available on both regular and deluxe edition 2CD carton box which contains a bonus remix disc: “The Comets Garden”. This features also 10 exclusive remixes from great acts of the electro/dance/pop wave such as Andy (from Bluvertigo), Mechanical Cabaret, Suicidal Romance, Xelius Project, Neurobash, Slave Republic among others!

What are your plans after the release?

We are not that kind of band that makes false promises. We just want to enjoy the release of “Stitches Of Eden”, since its high importance for us.

Yes, we’re already thinking at a new EP and fundaments for 3rd album seem to be already solid as well!

As for showing, probably we’ll start directly with summer fests with a new stage setting and live line-up.

Moving on to general questions, what made you choose Helalyn Flowers as the name?

The fact that it wholly represents us, both musically and individually.

Literally, it means flowers (symbols of life) that grow up from arid, dark and dangerous grounds (Helalyn) from which they never would. So, it’s about something absurd that refers to conceiving us as infinite possibility, as pure energy breaking down the cage.

Is your musical style popular in your town or are you considered unique amongst the locals?

Rome is mostly based on Metal/Hardcore and recently there’s been an increasing of audience that follows modern Sleaze/Street Metal scene. In spite of that, we’re followed by many kind of audiences, like Goths, Rockers, Emos, Cybers as well as people into Pop music.

We are an universal band not suffocated by limitations and rules of any scene.

What made you want to get into this style of music?

The awareness of being not like the masses. Both we started to listen to ‘non-conventional’ music since when we were kids and we suppose it’s due both to a kind of reaction towards everything we suffered and to how heavy and alternative music reflects our personalities. We think to have more in common with bands that invite to open our eyes and start thinking with our own brains instead of Madonna’s subliminal shop-windows.

What has been the weirdest thing a fan has said or done so far?

Once a guy asked N0emi: “Can I be your WC?”! Absolute winner!

What do you think about all these bands making big bucks on sexuality?

We think that everybody is free and responsible of his own actions.

We personally think that often these kind of things tend to disguise musical lacks or, worst, reveal a sort of pathetic careerism. Sexuality has always been the most powerful weapon for marketing, but we’d like to see music as something that can give deep values and different forms of communication.

Do you feel you have sold out because of your gender and/or your appearance?

It may be possible that our male/female phormula influenced our fanbase in a certain way…But it’s full of guys who’re really into the Helalyn Flowers’ dimension, understand what we are and what we try to express with our music. They didn't stop to love us since our early beginnings..

Are there any regrets, musically?

No, we haven’t. Every single song we wrote since our early beginnings has been useful to run our own route which led us here, and we are really enthusiastic with it. Probably, if we would come back in time, we’d managed production and mixing of our previous releases by ourselves as we did with “Stitches Of Eden”. By having total control of our sound permitted to express ourselves 100% as well as to find balance and style we were searching since our early days.

What are three good things and three bad things about being a musical artist?

We don’t see negative sides since we ‘re doing this for our own fulfillment, so we try to have fun and enjoy ourselves while playing our music.

Let’s say that you can find some difficulties when you’re going to enter the music-biz, because this world is made of deadlines and rush and, not last, your music starts to be managed also by outer persons (artist manager, promoters). So, you enter a different way of living your music and it could become stressing sometimes. But, if you have a specific image in your mind of who you are and where you want to go, then it’s just a detail of your professional aspect.

Another hard matter is the money-thing. In our case, we always invested every single cent in Helalyn Flowers so we had to renounce to a lot of comforts. But we never lost trust in our self-determination and definitely now we’re getting what we gave.

These don’t represent bad things to us, just sides of a route which we walked as many bands used.

Apart this, we see only positive sides. When you are free to express yourself 100% with your music and you make it just for yourself with no compromise and rules, then you just have to be happy and encouraged to keep on with no fears and led by your own self-determination.


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Helalyn Flowers
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