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PostSubject: Mistyland   Tue May 07, 2013 4:45 am

Interviewed by Joshua Becker
Official Facebook

How exactly was MistyLand formed?

Mistyland was formed by Alessio at the end of 2000, at first just for fun and to play songs of Gamma Ray, Stratovarius and other bands that we loved at that moment. One year later, with the arrival of Walter at the guitar in first and Sandro at the bass then, we started to write our own songs,recording our first demo "Call of destiny" in 2004 and the successor "Moonlight" in January 2007 with two new members Francesca at the voice and Francesco at the drums. At the time Mistyland was formed by Francesca (voice), Alessio and Walter(guitars),Sandro(bass), Francesco(drums).

How did you come up with the name "Misty Land"?

Initially the name was "Mystinen" (a Finnish word that means "Mistic",or "Misterioso" in Italian). Alessio chose this name after a travel in that country. Later we decided to change in Mistyland, maintaining a similar sound but in English, most popular.

Has anyone compared you to any other bands, I've noticed a few similarities between you and Lacuna Coil, has anyone else?

Someone said Children of Bodom especially for the musical parts, others compared us to Nightwish. We all love these bands and we're very fond of being compared to them. It's the first time we are compared to Lacuna Coil, maybe because we are Italian too, even if sometimes someone defined us as a 'gothic metal band'.

What do you hope people will gain from your music?

We hope people will gain a positive experience, good feelings and true emotions. In this musical panorama, full by now, we try to make in our music a few of originality and personality, besides a lot of love for our songs that we hope could be replayed by the people.

According to your Myspace you do not have a record deal yet, have you gotten close, or are you close to one now?

We have not gotten close and unfortunately we aren't close to one.

What is your hope to give to people that listen to your music?

Good mood, good vibes and a lot of headbanging.


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