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PostSubject: Godyva   Tue May 07, 2013 4:43 am

Interviewed by Jessica Clingempeel
Official Site

Where did the name Godyva comes from?

Godyva take this name from the legend of the beautiful Lady Godiva that rode naked, covered only by her long hair, for the roads of Coventry. The Y inserted in our moniker has been taken by her original name Godgyfu that means "God's Gift."

There are a lot of bands coming from Italy, what do you do to stand out?

We don't do anything special to differentiate us from the other bands or to be more in sight, simply we work a lot on the promotion of the group and our albums. Fortunately we don't need compromises to be able to play in some important event yet or to read our interviews and the critiques and reviews of our albums on newspapers of national and international circulation. All comes because you deserve it.

So the new album is called Planetarium, why did you pick that as the title?

We have chosen this title because the song Planetarium seemed us the most representative for the album. We consider Planetarium a complete song and with a great pathos, with a direct and immediate refrain indeed.

On the site it claims "Intimate Gothic Metal," what does that mean?

On the album In Good and Evil you can listen to a song called Intimate. That song has been the point of our beginning, of a new sound that we were creating in that period, changed and matured with the entry of Botys in the band. We decided therefore to label us as Intimate Gothic Metal for this reason, but also because we wanted to make a kind of gothic metal deep and psychological, and I believe that Planetarium is an album with these characteristics. Don't you agree?

How did it feel being signed to SorceryStudios/Razar Ice Records?

We signed for Sorcery Studio/Razar Ice Records after the summer of 2005 and our label has helped us a lot to grow and to become a professional band. When after many years finally you succeed in finding someone who believes in you, you feel yourself satisfied and happy to know your music is arriving in all the globe. For them we have released 2 albums, In Good and Evil in 2006 and Planetarium in April of this year.

Is American tours something that you really wanna do since there has only been European tours?

We would like the dream to play in America can become reality very soon. Europe is a concrete scenery for our music and America is distant indeed and to organize some live dates there would cost a lot. However we will keep on believing in this, hoping we will be able to make an American tour at least once in our life.

Where do you draw your inspiration for the songs from?

We take inspiration from our feelings and from what these feelings succeed to instigate in us, love, anger, desolation, abandonment, but our music and lyrics are characterized by a thick dose of hope and desire to go on. I always say that Planetarium is the album of the passage and the change, a lot of things are matured and evolved in us, in the last two years we have had painful experiences that have divided us and then reunited, stronger than before.

Do you think when it comes to gothic metal there has to be a certain style to outfits/costumes?

Being a gothic metal band also means to dress in a certain look, it is not only through the music that you have to communicate, but also through yourself, with your body and your image. Costumes, outfits, theatrical and gothic dresses, nighttime and mysterious aspect fascinates us, but we don't think we are a band so much dark or too gothic. Then the look is important, but it doesn't have to be a thing divided by the music, it has to be united with the music, before everything the music comes first and its content, then the wrap comes that owes to obviously be pleasant to the eyes. We don’t want to frighten anybody.

How did it feel playing on the same stage as Macbeth and Theatres des Vampires at Dark Fest 4?

Playing with Theatres des Vampires for us is always a beautiful experience, we have played with them more times during the last years and we have seen how a band as them is able to go on and to believe in what they strongly do. Macbeth, we don't know a lot them as people, but we can say that they are indeed a professional band on the stage. They make a good show, but they are not theatrical and with a shocking impact as the Vampires, that I esteem and I appreciate more then Macbeth.

Do you enjoy playing Dark Fest even since the first one in Italy 2007?

We have certainly had a good time. I remember that the first Dark Fest has been in Modena and we preserve a beautiful memory of that event, the people and fans under the stage, the organizers of the event, the stage and the place, the food and drinks, the hotel, a special treatment indeed and that time we played for the second time with Theatres des Vampires.

Is collaborations with other bands like Necrodeath something that is a benefit for inspiration?

Necrodeath in Italy is a very important band and an icon for fans of thrash death metal. Here their name is a guarantee and the collaboration with them was born following the friendship with Peso. To collaborate with a band as them, for us that we are still a band in growth, has been a confirmation. Then it has us supercharged and it has stimulated us even more.

What do you look for when looking for band members to "fit into the band's unique chemistry?"

Being a musician in a band is very important, here there are many good musicians but not all of them unite in a band definitely, many of them was not serious for us, or they don’t want to share costs and passions for a band with us, so when we used to say on our bio “fit into the band’s unique chemistry” we mean that a musician enters in a band sharing everything with the others, from the compositions, to the improvements. Anyway we have found our chemistry now, and every member in the band do their job as the best, going on and over in front of problems and issues.

Will there be any North American tour dates?

Oh, it could be a dream for us! We really hope we will be able to find a booker there, so we can travel for the North America, but not only, and bring our music to the other side of the Earth.


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