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 Metal From Finland Compilation

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PostSubject: Metal From Finland Compilation   Wed Nov 12, 2014 1:43 pm

Reviewed by Jessica Clingempeel

    It is no secret when I say some of the best metal comes from Finland. What makes this genre so great in Finland? It is the huge acceptance, especially amongst many churches? Is it the drive and motivation of the musicians? Whatever it is, it works! I have gotten the chance to listen to the Metal From Finland compilation album and while there are some cons to it, I found it to be mostly great and there is something for everyone here.

    Starting with CD 1 it opens up with an amazing song by Frosttide. "Awakening" was a really awesome song from the instruments to the vocals. The only complaint I have is the recording equipment. I think the music and vocals could have been a little more clear, but even with that complaint I loved it. The tracks from CD 1 that stood out the most to me were "Fever", "Sunset Upon Rust", "Welcome to the Den", "Dragonborn", "Left Unburied", and the top two (in my opinion) "Sokea Paimen" and "Made to Last". "Sokea Paimen" by Lovijatar was probably my favourite. I love the Finnish language and Finnish folklore. This band offers both! Now to find the English translation to this song, haha! The male and female vocals blended nicely together and with the instruments. There is no flaw to this song. My other favourite was "Made to Last" by Cry of Pain. For fans of HIM I am sure you will like this one. The vocalist's voice, to me, was just so haunting and pulled me in the most.

    There were not many cons to CD 1, but that's not saying it was perfection. A few bands have the potential to be better such as Teardown. I was not big on the vocals. I did not like Suicidal Ride at all, mostly the vocalist. I would have to give the rest of their music a listen though as it could just be the particular song. I also did not like Church of Void. It's not that they are bad musicians, but I never really been into doom metal to start with. All you doom metal fans I am sure you will like this one. Smile At first I did not care for "Closer" by Viper Arms, but I am slowly warming up to it.

    CD 2 starts off just like CD 1 with an awesome song from Enthring. The person who put this track list together knew exactly what they were doing. I think I found a new favourite band, again. I said before I was not into Doom Metal, but Fractured Spine may have just won me over. "Dead to Me" may sound all over the place at first, but then it just becomes mind blowing so if it is not your thing, try again, you may start liking it. Burnclear I already knew was going to be amazing as I have heard the awesome vocals of Tony Turunen before singing along side his sister, Tarja. "Lost for Life" is a really nice song. Clear vocals, amazing guitar riffs. Again, another band I will be listening to more of. "In the End" by Crimsonic wasn't a bad song. Was not too crazy over the vocals, but it was good enough to add to a playlist of songs to hear again. "Forest is my Throne" by Thyrien was another great song. Though I loved the growls I was more into the lower parts of the song. Gave a haunting feel, but overall great song. "Erase me" by Block of Flats kind of got random and I found myself having a little giggle as it was more punk/indie than metal, BUT I liked it. Was not a bad song at all even though I am not much into the punk/indie bands.

    The tracks I did not list were not bad at all, I was just not a big fan of them.The biggest complaint is the band Embassy of Silence. I just did not like this band at all. Sounded like the Spice Girls had gone metal. Just my opinion though.

    As you can see I did not have many complaints of this well put together compilation. There are some songs I didn't like, not because they were bad, but not my preference. There are different genres from doom metal to, yes, punk so I think everyone will get something out of it. Please buy this and support Metal From Finland, Outlanders Productions and the bands. It is well worth it!

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

CD 1
1. Frosttide – Awakening
2. Medicated – Fever
3. Suicidal Ride – Suicidal Ride (previously unreleased)
4. Beyond The Dream – Sunset Upon Rust (previously unreleased)
5. Lovijatar – Sokea Paimen (previously unreleased)
6. Mad Hatter’s Den – Welcome to the Den
7. Dark Dawn Project – Dragonborn
8. Division XIX – Mobilization
9. Teardown – Horns
10. Cry of Pain – Made to Last
11. Wrathrone – Left Unburied
12. Viper Arms – Closer
13. Church of Void – Mad Mortician

CD 2
1. Enthring – Citadel
2. Fractured Spine – Dead To Me
3. Burnclear – Lost for Life
4. Noumena – Death Walks With Me
5. Among the Prey – My Demons
6. Embassy of Silence – Shame, Spin and Click
7. Prayed & Betrayed – Deafblind
8. Crimsonic – In The End
9. Thyrien – Forest Is My Throne
10. Psalms for the Dead Sun – Psalm Zero
11. Torchia – Your Blood In My Veins
12. Block Of Flats – Erase Me
13. Lucy Pherson – Three Rivers

Metal From Finland Facebook
Outlanders Productions Facebook


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Metal From Finland Compilation
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