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PostSubject: ILLIDIANCE   Tue May 07, 2013 4:42 am

Interviewed by Jessica Clingempeel
Official Site

Where did you come up with the name of the band, and is there any particular reason for the name?

Our band’s name is ILLIDIANCE, it’s an imaginary word without translation, just letters chained together, forming a word sounds awesome. We entitled our band as ILLIDIANCE to have strong name with some intrigue.

What made you choose this style of music , and what does cyber metal mean to you?

We've started with modern BM style, but moved into cyber-metal to have more catchy and original sound, in case to create something new, fresh. Actually we play a some kind of Modern/industrial metal, so called Cyber metal, we define our main way of playing of cyber-metal is when we mix powerful rhythmic riffs and melodic progressions with toxic electronics and cyber-industrial parts, catchy clean voice refrains and crushing growl/scream voice. For people who didn't know our stuff I may explain this in a couple of words as parallels with bands they know: Our place is where Prodigy meets Fear Factory and The Kovenant.

The look of the band has a very interesting feel to it, what is your inspiration for the look perhaps, sci-fi movies? (just taking a stab in the dark)….

I really love sci-fi films, ideas of future, books on such themes, so high-tech world and relative things are inspiring us to make our image, also it inspires me to perform lyrics. We base on cyber issues, implants, infected DNA, extra-terrestrials, anthropogenic disasters, cloning, love of a new world and other aspects of an human step further…

How did the band come to be? What was the process like finding the members of the band?

We've been formed back in 2005, the formers of the band are me and my brother Tommy. During the stage career our line-up was changing, and for now we have the line up consisted of four strong musicians, very talented and charismatic show-men usually if we need to invite a new member to band’s line up, we just ask and offer the musician from another band, we have a lot of terms and conditions in that case, the coming member must be professional musician with a good stage experience, must have attractive appearance.

What was life like before Illidiance? How has being a musician changed your life?

So I need to be honest – my parents are musicians, and from birth I was fed up with music, and I guess the music is in my genes. he he in case of lifestyle I have 2 highest degrees in education, I’m working as a manager, my hobbies are the girls, video games, books.

You have toured over a lot of Europe. Does any country stand out as a favorite?

I don’t have a favorites, I like to see another cultures, architecture, lifestyles. I really like the extreme style of CIS countries as well as silent and strict style of western Europe.

Where are some places you would like to play at that you have not done so yet?

Firstly We would like to visit USA, Canada, Mexico and other Latin American countries, Japan, China and other Asian countries, hell yeah – we would like to play everywhere.

Having released two albums thus far, what changes have you made from your first album to your second?

First album was really melodic, with a lots of solos, while second was more aggressive and atmospheric, more brutal and straight. If first work seemed as melodic black metal the second work looked like really Cyber modern Black metal with a death metal dissemination.

Who does all the song writing and what are the inspirations behind each lyrical piece?

In case of your first question – me and my brother are the main song writers in the band, also I write all lyrics. We are inspired by a lot of respectable acts, such as Fear factory, Soilwork, Suicide Commando and EBM genre, Prodigy, Static-X, Scar Symmetry, but it’s just inspiration, they are playing their stuff not similar to ours. Also we are influenced by a high-tech world and relative things such as cyber issues, implants, modified DNA, extra-terrestrials, anthropogenic disasters, cloning.

What, if any, one message is there that you wish for your fans to take away from your music?

I may wish them to feel free, to keep their eyes opened wide, and… be badass. hehe.

What gear does each member of the band use?

I use Gibson, Bernie Rico and washburn guitars, Krank and Peavey amps, AKG wireless systems, Dunlop pickups, Shure mic’s, gilette shaving foam, Panthene shampoo, Faberlic toilet water

Mike uses Pearl Drums, Meinl & Zildjian cymbals, Pearl Demon Drive pedals, Yamaha trigger modules, vic firth sticks.

Tommy uses ESP custom & Yamaha bases, Ampeg amps, AKG wireless system, Dunlop pickups, Sennheiser microphones.

Serge uses ESP and Jackson guitars, Krank and Marshall amps, AKG wireless systems, Dunlop pickups.

Are there any rituals or traditions the band do before entering the studio or performing?

Yep, when the 3-5 minutes are left before we need to enter the Stage I ask loud in make-up room – “Are you ready? Why we came here?”, and others answers something like – “yep, We are here to kick asses!!!”, so I know that in real life there is no number two, fuck the prizes for participating, we need first prize!

What artist(s) do you feel influenced your music over the years?

As I said it’s Fear Factory, also it’s NickelBack, Prodigy… me are melomans, we love to listen to lots of different music, also I really influenced by Eminem, Offspring, Muse, Savage Garden etc..

What is in the future for Illidiance?

After the official release of an album we plan to hit the road, play

European and Russian tour. Actually the four tours are scheduled for us to support our coming album “Damage Theory” We surely want to come and play in Japan! As well with this album we expect to make a videoclip to one song, and it will be surely positive to have an air plays on your radio in future hehe. Going further we are engaging some PR agencies to work with press to spread the word of a Russian act ILLIDIANCE. Finally I might say its seems for us to have a lot of work, and spend a lot of budget on promotion, but we will receive fans, and reach the new shores.

When not working on your musical careers, what are some of your other hobbies?

As I said we like to have dates and spend some time, have sex with some pretty girls, we like to go to cinema, play video games, sport training.

Thank you for this interview! You rock! I wish you to stay so cute and attractive metal vixen as you are as and a lots of luck, love and success!

Thank you for taking the time to do this for us.


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