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PostSubject: Maledia   Tue May 07, 2013 4:40 am

Interviewed by Alan Townsend
Official Site

Your new cd "She and Her Darkness" has a very distinct sound to it, what was the underlying theme you were aiming for with this album?

Hi guys and first of all thanks for this interview!

"She and Her Darkness" represents all our musical influences, is the union and mix of all our experiences in Music. So you will find a mixture of Rock and Metal but also u will find Classical Sounds and pure melody. Our album is a part of any of us, this is what we tried to do, and we are happy and proud of the results.

You worked with Roberto Tiranti in the amazing ballad "Ti Sento," how was your experience with him and do you plan to work with him on future occasions?

(Loo) Roberto is a great man and a wonderful singer, and a dream has come true when he said "yes I will sing with u Loo".. I just couldn't believe it!!! It will be obviously a pleasure to work with him again in the future, we really hope it will happen.

How would you compare "She and Her Darkness" to your previous mini cd "Black Heaven"? Was there something new you were striving for with this album or are you releasing it as more of a follow up to your previous work?

Sure, our inspiration was and is the same.

But we grow very much in these years, and u can see by yourself listening our album. So we think it has been a natural environment, a simply and happy changing and growing of our music. Black Heaven is a jewel we loved and love still, and SaHD is the result of our work after our demo.

Are there any artists or groups that you attribute to inspiring this cd, either in part or in its entirety?

Sure, as we said, any of us gave his personal touch on our songs, but obviously our influences are also very important. But, believe, they are very various! For example our keyboarder Marco was a lover of Power Metal Stratovarius way, Maleun and Mechanix are more Gothic Dark Black Metal bands fans, as Cradle of Filth or Children of Bodom. Otherwise Daniele loves mainly the Heavy Metal, so Metallica and Pantera rule for him.

And the last Loo, she didn't know nothing about gothic metal scene, but she loved Nightwish until the first listening and she did a great work. So as u can see we have a lot of inspirations, and we thank them for all, they helped us to create our music and our personal style.

Many artists use their music to convey a message to their audience, was there anything in particular you are trying to share with your fans through this work?

We really hope that people join our music with "right conscience". We really appreciate good comments and greetings, but critics too. We write songs to create emotions to all the people that listen our songs, and we try every day to make something able to make u say "ehi! This is Maledia style!". We are not only a gothic metal band with a good and nice singer. Our message is: this is Maledia style. Do u want to Join our Darkness?

Your group was recently picked up by Zero Effect Records, how do you feel your affiliation with this group will effect your music and subsequently your fans?

Very good, we are working hard to make this album available for all our fans in all over the world, and we thank still our Label for the work done and for what they will do in the future.

Since the release of "She and Her Darkness" what are your plans now? Any new material getting written?

Yes, more material is ready and we are writing more songs for the next album, it will be ready in 2010. We cannot wait the moment to play our new songs live, we are very proud of the results.

Do you feel you appeal to more of the Italian locales or do you find a huge widespread of fans from all over?

Our musical genre is more loved out of Italy. But our fans here are few but very very good. And we thank them from the deep.

How was it opening for bands like Theatres des Vampires and Macbeth? Who do you hope to share the stage with in the future?

These bands are among the few who succeeded to bring the Italian metal to the highest levels. We are proud to have played with them. We would naturally like to play in all the most important contests of the Metal world, and share the stage with our heroes but now we are concentrated to create and refine our style, to make it as unique as all these bands have been able to do.

Loo, how is this band compared to others who have worked with? Do you feel like this is where you are meant to be?

I feel completely good in this musical genre, otherwise I love music in all his beautiful ways… so it couldn't be different. Initially it was a challenge for me, I never thought to become the singer of a gothic metal band…but it was great from the first time! I came from classical studies, but I sing also in jazz and pop projects. But I can say that Maledia is the most emotional and strict project I take care.

Thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedule for us. I speak for many when I say that we look forward to future work from your group, and wish you the best of luck in the future. Have a great day.


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