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 Stephanie Luzie of Atargatis

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PostSubject: Stephanie Luzie of Atargatis   Tue May 07, 2013 4:39 am

Interviewed by Jessica Clingempeel
Official Site

Have you always wanted to be a singer?

Well, I started musical practice at an age of 5. So I learned to play the piano, guitar and I started singing. Later on I had been taking classical voice training lessons for a few years. You’re right, I’ve always wanted to perform on stage.

Who do you think made the biggest impact on your life, to make you do what you do now?

My parents. They’re also musicians and supported this kind of creativity. As child I watched them on stage and that’s what influenced me mainly.

What bands did you listen to growing up?

I listened exclusively to rock music; that means early bands like The Doors, The Beatles,… That creates a good connection to the metal and grunge music I prefer now. But I’m still a fan of the great rock bands I already mentioned.

Did you ever doubt yourself as a musician?

No. I think you don’t have a choice. You are either a musician or you’re not. You just have to accept a long-winding way to reach the intended goal. I think also when you don’t perform on stage or you don’t record any new songs, in your heart you’ll always keep following it in private life.

What is your favorite song from any of your albums and why?

I like the power of the songs on our new released album NOVA, like "Firebird" and "Nova Part I / Comets" very much. These songs really rock and set free a lot of energy. But I also enjoyed to record ballads like "Deliverance" (it’s the insightful ending of our new album Nova).

Have you ever had any problems with some crazed fans?

No, I always like to get in contact to our fans and friends. There have never been any serious difficulties of stalking or hassling. And my band is always around me so I don’t mind.

Is it exciting being a front woman in the rock world?

I don’t feel to be so "fronted" of our band. Atargatis is a team of musicians. Each member contributes an important part to the band, otherwise things like song writing, performing, touring wouldn't work that well. We are a great team! So I’m really looking forward to touring in spring.

How long did you got to school for singing? Do you continue studying?

I’d been taking private lessons for classical and rock singing for three years. But I've never been on a school for singing neither did I study it. Now I fresh up my skills from time to time.

What are some bands you would like to perform with?

I personally would have the unrealistic wish to share the stage with bands like Billy Idol and The Cure. But of course we enjoyed performing together with bands of our genre, like Within Temptation or Nightwish. That also was a great experience.

What was it like working with Matthias Hechler?

It meant a lot of fun ; )

We joined the tour of Crematory in 2007. We got in close contact to the band. On tour we played a duet with mixed line up just for fun. There we found out that the voices of Matthias and me fit together very well, so we wanted to retain this on our new record. To work with him in studio and on stage means a lot of fun, we don’t want to miss. We enjoyed the recordings with Matthias of Crematory and Thomas Helm of Empyrium/Noekk for ‘Nova’ a lot.

Are you anxious about the upcoming tour?

We are looking forward to supporting Crematory again in spring and autumn 2008. We also play some festivals together this year. We are pleased to present new songs from our new album NOVA. We are ready to rock you

Any talk of an American tour?

Not yet. Beside the German and European tour with Crematory we play some shows in many European countries (among other the Metal Female Voices Festival in Belgium in October 200.

So watch out our touring dates on our homepage www.atargatis.de

We hope to see you there.

Any plans for a new album anytime soon?

We left studio in autumn 2007 with many good ideas and structures for new songs. First of all we keep concentration on our new baby NOVA. We’ll play a lot of shows this year to promote and present our new album. Later on we want to visit studio with all the new stuff in our minds that also wants to be set free. So stay tuned!


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Stephanie Luzie of Atargatis
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