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PostSubject: DrammaGothica   Tue May 07, 2013 4:36 am

Interviewed by Jessica Clingempeel
Official Facebook

DrammaGothica has a pretty unique name and it definitely caught my eye, how did the name come about?

Our name was born by the association of two different ways of being: the gothic metal as the genre that represents us, and on the other side the dramatic one, as a theatrical expression. The Gothic metal represents us as a fusion of our individual musical tastes, that play is the image that we like given of ourselves during our lives and all we think represent us on the stage, like our first album, Ira.

So the band came about in 2001, what was going on before then? Were you all already friends or did you just randomly meet through auditions?

We met in very short time, the friendship among us suddenly grew up with that force that chain us to each other. We come from a small Italian town, we know all the “Metallers” of the city and so it was inevitable our meeting. Over the years, however, many things have been changed in the band as the line-up change, especially for the voices. We believe that what chain us goes over the musical aspect.

Everyone in the band seems to not be neglecting other things in personal life such as studies, is there something beyond music that maybe each of you would like to experiment with?

Oh yes! We all are continuing the studies and our hobbies in parallel with music. Marco and Luca study engineering, I study languages, Laura studies archaeology and Lucia psychology. Looking beyond the university we all have interests in life, for example, I have artistic interests, I love art and I like to cultivate this passion in my free time, writing, reading, organizing shows. I would like to work with art, in the future, perhaps theatrical, maybe around the world. One thing is certain, we’re doing the best in everything we do, we don’t stand!

Listening to the songs from the album IRA I can definitely tell a lot of hard work and dedication went into recording and composing. Were there any troubles or any moment where anyone wanted to just throw the towel in during the process?

Yes, for us such steps were unexpected. We suddenly found ourselves in the “studio” and day after day, working part time to earn something to balance the costs, we managed to get out without problems. Our keyboard player has given us many difficulties during this period and this is also for that that we are presenting today on the stage without a keyboarder, but playing using the computer and following the metronome! For the rest seems to be all like last year, the time passed quickly and without realizing it we had our first album, IRA. A product, for which we have worked hard in practice room before the recordings, which today gives us great satisfaction.

While we are on the subject of the album IRA, what is the meaning behind the album title?

The meaning is hidden in the hold that grudge against a life that offers us no choice. With this album we wanted to rebel in our small and leave all the anger that fills us. All of our songs are linked to this theme, singing our bitter feelings and shouting our pain in certain circumstances.

What is the band currently doing nowadays? Any news on another album or world wide tour?

Another album will be ready for the next year. Today we are working on a video clip. Furthermore, our performances are mainly affecting our nation, but it is possible that in the near future there may be a world tour, we hope that easily and soon!

Will there be more songs in Italian?

Perhaps, we don’t know yet! We may write some text in Italian, in fact we are planning to change many things .. In the past we thought about a french text named “Les Fleurs du Mal”.. Yes, we do not exclude the possibility of changing!

What doors have been opened for you now being in the music business? Is it everything you thought it would be?

It has been a great discovery. Through internet we can sell well in Europe and worldwide. We are amazed on seeing purchases from Japan and America. That was something insensible before, but today with the help of Internet and myspace everything changed and we managed to arrive at the other side of the world. In addition, we have been contacted by distributors and several record companies, and reading the contracts we realized how true it is that there are always those who earns ON you!

Laura, what made you choose the singing direction? Did you always like singing or did you just wake up one day thinking "I am going to sing"?

I had three years when I sung for the first time a song as a soloist in the choir organized by the elementary school ..
Since I remember .. I can say that I have always sung ..
And I hope to continue on this path!

Have you as a band had a lot of support from friends and family? What did they think of you all forming a metal band?

Our families are proud of that we do. My mother, for example, was the first to buy our album and still hears it every day moving at times. Other times, our relatives have supported us during live performances, they were there when we went up on stage and they have never criticized our way of being. It’s thanks to them that we all started our musical career, and I will not ever forget it!

For each member, if you could pick one song from your album that has a deep personal connection to you what would you pick and why?

I would take Last Breath. Because it contains in itself all the rage, the unbridled pace and timing of a metronome that IRA is. Marco, the guitarist, likes Canticum Morti. First because it was written entirely by him and than because while it pumps with guitars it is on the other side also very melodic. Laura chooses Void, the text that has created herself in a particular moment of her life and that still gives her chills.

What bands would you like to share the stage with or maybe even work with?

It would be nice to work with Epica, or perhaps with Moonspell.

Where do each of you see yourself in 10 years?

Probably everyone in his place of work, work that will not have anything in common with music, but we will earn enough to keep this great love that we drag on for years. Maybe managing to produce a chain of albums that conclude our series of deadly sins.

In the meantime, we would like to have some little musical satisfaction, the goal for which we've been working hard for years.


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