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 Empyrium's "Into the Pantheon" DVD

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PostSubject: Empyrium's "Into the Pantheon" DVD   Fri Sep 06, 2013 3:11 am

Reviewed by Nevada Deem

    As a guy who doesn't know the band I also didn't know what to expect, but the soft orchestral intro just caught me and kept me calm and ready for more. The camera angels showed everything that needed to be seen and the mixing made sure I could hear every instrument, not one instrument went unheard. Different than ALLOT of performances I've seen, as all the members were sitting during the set, it was actually quite relaxing. The vocals were VERY enjoyable clean and harsh. From watching it I can see that the band really enjoys their work and if you ask me, that's what I like seeing in a band. They gave me a chill down my spine with how atmospheric the music was, normally bands can do it in the studio, but NOT live. It really surprises me how well they brought it to the stage it was a good feeling. The melodies were so dark I just can't get over the feeling they gave me! I for one, want to see them live now, simple as that. And after watching this you will too.
    The documentary did it's job in helping me understand why they do what they do, in it explained was Empyrium's influences and how they came to be. And as a musician it actually inspires me. They prove to me that people nowadays don't put their heart, soul or emotion into their music (For allot of garage bands I know want to play what's popular in Metal) but the passion, the passion they show in their music. The documentary was VERY well put together, better than ALLOT that I've seen. These guys are people I could imagine talking to for hours about music, nature, poetry, all of it. I hope to get that chance one day, but for now I will be happy just putting their music on and meditating.

I think the DVD was perfect, I was mind blown.

Overall Rating: 5/5

I can't wait to dig into more music by Empyrium, they won me over with this.

This DVD releases on Sep. 24th. Be sure to get it!


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Empyrium's "Into the Pantheon" DVD
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