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PostSubject: hAND   Tue May 07, 2013 4:35 am

Interviewed by Joshua Becker & Jessica Clingempeel
Official Site

What is the influence of your music, not necessarily the lyrics, but the music itself?

Kat: We like to think we draw influence from many styles – in the past people have identified elements of prog rock, classic metal even jazz etc. We just play what we want to hear, with our own twist on it.

Cris: very bizarre influences, it goes from bands like The Fall Of Troy to Machine Head to InMe, It’s a bit peculiar.

How exactly did you pick the name "hAND", as the name of your band?

Kat: We were on a train going to gig when we decided; we’d only recently started to play around as a band and didn’t really know what style we wanted to pursue, but we needed something to call ourselves. We tried to stay away from names that would give too much of a preconception and hAND just seemed to stick.

How was the band formed?

Kieren: In our first incarnation we were a guitar/synth duo. Cris joined us after coming to a gig in early 2006 and we haven’t looked back since.

Are you looking into American Tours, as I really like your music.

Kieren: We’d love to tour all over the world. We are all hard workers and after weeks in the studio it will be a while before we can tour.

Why are your song introductions so long, before the singing starts?

Kat: To us everything should be balanced. A lot of the time the emphasis of a band is on the vocals, especially bands with female singers. We feel that every part of the music should be interesting and have its own appeal.

Kieren: Sometimes it seems a little selfish but after hearing some final mixes we feel that sticking to our guns has paid off. It gets the message across even better than we had hoped.

Cris: Our songs aren't structured the way most songs are structured, ours are constantly building up to something, and you've got to start somewhere.

How did you come up with the title, for the album "Dead Room Journal"?

Kieren: It was a harder task than some might think. We had loads of ideas floating around for a few months- ideas like “Play Dead” nearly made it. Deadroom Journal captured the idea of an album being a snapshot of the band in its current place.

How did you feel when you finally got a record deal?

Kat: Very, very happy but a little apprehensive as we weren't quite sure how it would all work. We felt like we were given a great opportunity. It was a real turning point. It’s a great thing to have the chance to focus your energy on something creative.

Cris: Better than anyone ever.

What was one thing, if any, that you feared when you were signed to a record label?

Kieren: We quickly realized we’d have to put all our effort into the album. It felt like quite an undertaking in terms of pinning down what we do live as we weren't sure how much we might have to change or slim down the tracks on the album. In the end we didn't have to at all.

Cris: I wasn't really thinking about what there was to fear, I just got really drunk and celebrated that fact that we had a record contract.

How much work was it, producing your latest album?

Kat: It took months of preparation, transcribing all of our songs and creating midi files for the click tracks. Commissioning the artwork, as well as photos, coming up with a title & theme etc. Of course loads of practice and 3 weeks solid in the studio! It was pretty intense.

Cris: Sooooooo much work, the drumming hurt so much, randomly in the middle of recording the drums it also started getting really hot, so I was dying whenever I was locked in that room for hours, whenever I went out for a fag to cool down, it was still boiling hot, easily drank and smoked my own weight in Water, Red Bull and Fags... easily. But great fun, really want to do it again.

What is your favourite song on the new album, and why?

Kat: It would have to be Birth. It’s a new track that we've never played live, but it has a lot of tension and emotion. Also it’s the only song on the album to have only 1 vocal track so it’s very intimate throughout.

Cris: Translation, I love that song, it’s time to get my funk on.

What was your least favourite song from the album, and why?

Kat: Manuscript, purely because it took the longest to mix and get right. We heard it so many times during our session, I think it’s ingrained. The extra effort was definitely worth it though!

Do you relate with any of your songs personally?

Kat: All of them! Lyrically every song is taken from a personal experience, thought, feeling or interest.

When people hear your music, do they compare you to any other bands?

Cris: "If Opeth were a rock and Tool was a hard place, hAND would be somewhere in the middle" BEST QUOTE EVER.

What are the meanings, behind the lyrics of your songs?

Kat: Each song has quite a dark and melancholic feel, but I try to write about a range of subjects. For instance one is about a book of poems, one delves into pagan imagery, and others cover more serious subjects like suicide.

What do you hope for people to gain when listening to your songs?

Kat: One thing we've found is that people interpret the lyrics to mean completely different things, which I think, is great and makes our music more personal to the listener. I hope our songs stir emotions, get people fired up and that they just enjoy listening to the album.

What was the greatest challenge you had to overcome, before you started making your albums?

Kat: I think getting noticed was the hardest thing, there are so many good bands out there and everyone is looking for gigs and deals, to be picked out and given a chance to show what we’re about was a real confidence booster. Keeping positive when you’re sending out 20 press packs at a time and appear to be getting nowhere is quite disheartening, but persistence and belief in what you do is the key.


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