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PostSubject: Nightcrawler   Tue May 07, 2013 4:34 am

Interviewed by Jessica Clingempeel

The title of your new full length album is "Maniac Doomed Preacher", what came about this title?
Angie: For now it's a provissional title. We all like how it sounds and defines quite well the feeling of the whole album.

Marcos: Well, we thought that it was an appropriate title because it reflects the essence of the songs. It is how you would call anyone who carries a bad message that you don't wanna hear.

What are some of the songs that will be on this album and what was the inspiration behind them?
Angie: When I wrote part of the lyrics of Pay for Salvation I used the feeling we all have when something which is unfair becomes part of the normal life. Everyone takes it for granted, learn to keep surviving although they disagree. A little bit of unconformism is needed.

Marcos: Every song in this album has it's own story, but the common inspiration behind them all was trying to make de most intense songs.

Donato: Well, songs like Elric's Lament or The Pit and the Pendulum have a literary inspiration. Other songs talk about our inner selves or about ecology, like Where the Flowers Grew.

Was the song writing a one man process or did everyone contribute something?
Angie: 90% of Nightcrawler is on the back of Marcos, the guitar player. He is a great and very productive songwriter. Even though it is not his main occupation, he makes it very well, I love the way he writes. Donato, bass player, also writes. Paco helps to give the virtuous feeling on the guitar solos. We hope Roque, the new drummer, will help give "real" rhythm to our songs.

Will there be any guests featured in any song?
Angie: For now, just the featuring in the guitars of Alejandro Melchor "Mou", guitar player in Trashnos and Lightmaster, Spanish metal bands.

Donato: Maybe will appear other guest musicians in other songs, but it is a matter of time and actually we don't know if they could record with us.

What should the listeners expect from this album?
Paco: They will expect that they will die and their ears will bleed when they listen to the album, hehehe. No, seriously we hope they like it.

Marcos: Two or three voices, two guitars, a bass guitar and a drummer... all of these combined in the best possible form.

What do you hope the listeners will gain?
Marcos: Pain in the neck because of the headbanging.

Donato: A collection of metal songs that they will hear when they're having a party with their friends or when having sex with their lovers.

Were there any troubles with the writing process and has the recording gone good so far?
Angie: It has been a long long process. Along with the recording Marcos and Donato liked to change part of the songs. We all decided to change the key from E to D because it sounds better for our purpose. Indeed I had a sore throat which made me lose my voice.

Being from Spain, are there going to be any songs in Spanish?
Angie: No, we prefer to write in English.

Donato: All my life I've heard metal and hard rock in English. The great majority of European bands sing in English, bands from Sweden, Germany, Italy, Finland... It's a normal thing.

Will there be a tour after the release or will any shows only be focused in Spain for now?
Paco: We expect to do so many concerts as possible.

Marcos: Because of our personal circumstances it will be focused in Galicia, maybe any city in Spain or Portugal.

Will we see any music videos from the album?
Paco: It will be cool, but we would need a lot of money to do it, and we are a little band without contract with any record label.

Marcos: If the album has success, of course, but it's unlikely because it's too expensive.

Has there been any release dates set?
Marcos: No, the process of recording is taking so long.

Donato: First single will appear soon on internet, but we don't know when will be ready the album.

For each band member, if you each had to pick out one song from this album to represent your life, what song would that be and why?
Angie: It's difficult to choose one to represent one's life when all are based in death, epic scenarios and nocturnal creatures. The one I like most is Where the Flowers Grew.

Marcos: As the main songwriter of this album it is a difficult decision, but I would pick From The Other Side. I put so many feelings (good and bad, of all kind) in that song, the final result taste so much special to me.

Donato: When I wrote Elric's Lament's lyrics I was thinking in Michael Moorcock's saga, of course, but I think in me as well. The song talks about Elric's story, but also talks about losing everything you've loved because of your egoism.


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