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 Kivimetsän Druidi

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PostSubject: Kivimetsän Druidi   Tue May 07, 2013 4:30 am

Answered by Joni
Interviewed by Joshua Becker
Official Site

How exactly did you come up with the name Kivimetsän Druidi?

When we started the project with my brother, we of course needed a name and while uploading our first ever song to Finnish mp3-site we yet didn't have one. So I just took this name that first popped in my mind from the fantasy novel I’d been writing back then and we decided to change it later. But well, we didn't and the name stayed.

What was the main reason for why you chose the "metal" genre for your type of music?

Metal was pretty much the only genre we played in our rehearsal room even before we chose to start composing songs by ourselves. It was sort of natural thing to play metal, ‘cause we didn't listen too much else back then. Since then it has changed a bit, but metal still is the most popular genre at least in my home stereos.

Who or what influenced the whole concept and ideas of Kivimetsän Druidi?

Fantasy metal was our own idea as we wanted to create something unique. Metal combined with Finnish lyrics about trolls, dwarves, elves and battles between good and evil wasn't something you came across every day. Of course we were musically influenced by some older pagan/Viking/folk metal bands too.

What was the reason behind the new album title Betrayal, Justice, Revenge?

“Betrayal, Justice, Revenge” sums up the main themes on the album. And that’s pretty much about it.

How were you signed to a record label? That is, how were you discovered and recognized for your music?

Through some very lucky coincidences we got this opportunity to warm up for Korpiklaani on their European tour in 2007 and it was during that tour when their European manager got interested of us. Ultimately it was him who then recommended us to Century Media and our music and concept got their attention.

What is your message, as far as the lyrics; what do they mean, to both you and the fans?

Our lyrics are almost 100% fictional fantasy stories and more or less loosely related to a imaginary world of high fantasy. Of course there’s some meanings inside the lyrics, but it’s nothing world changing or political or that kind of stuff. We do songs and write lyrics for the sake of creating good music and for our fans to enjoy.

What is your hope that fans will get, not only from your lyrics, but within the music, as well?

Every time our music makes someone smile and have good time, I say we succeeded in what we created. For me music is a way to relax and in the other hand a way to have fun. I can speak only on my behalf, but that’s at least what I want to give to to our fans.

How exactly did you feel, as far as being signed to a label? Were you sacred, nervous or excited?

Damn excited, I can tell you. It was something we all had wanted for some time already and it was one of those a “dream come true” –moments for us. After all that was something we were trying to achieve a couple of years already and being a major label Century Media was something we didn't believe we could start co-operating with.

With your career, is there one thing in it that you wish could have changed or been made better for the sake of the band?

Our first album, Shadowheart and the process of creating it. I wish we would have had some more time with it, ‘cause it turned out not as nearly as satisfying as we had wanted.

If there were one person, whom you wish you could do a collaboration with, who would it be and why?

James Hetfield, haha! Hetfield and Metallica have been very important for me, the main reason I started playing guitar (Yeah, I know I’m not the only one. ), so it would be awesome to play with him or even just meet him.

What made you want to create this band? What was the drive and motivation behind it?

During the time we started to create this kind of music we were heavily influenced by Moonsorrow and their “Voimasta ja Kunniasta” –album. I guess they were sort of a throttle that made us move and after we got some good feed back from people we wanted to continue on this road.

When you are in the studio recording, does your record label hurry you, or do you take your time?

It depends a bit. When recording our first album we had way too little time and too much of a hurry of which I’m a bit sad, ‘cause I know we could’ve done it better. But the recordings of BJR were much more smooth and we took our own time for it.

What, do you think in your opinion, separates you from the rest of the Finish metal genre; if applicable?

We have a female vocalist, but we still play heavy and very aggressive stuff. That is something that makes us unique in my opinion. Also the lyrical themes we use separates us from the most of the bands.

When you first performed in front of a crowd, how did you feel?

We were thrilled, excited and very very scared. Haha! Playing your own music to an audience was something that only those “good and glorious” bands did and when you were there facing the crowd on the stage… it was something indescribable.

When you first started up the band, did you have any pre-conceived notions about how people would react to your music?

We had no idea how people would take our music or anything, we just composed it out of having fun and all. It did encourage us to continue of course when we got some good feedback for the music we had created, as I mentioned earlier.

Do you feel proud of what you have done with the band so far, or, do you think there is something the band is lacking?

I don’t regret anything we've done, but instead I’m very proud of what we've accomplished. It’s been some awesome time and moments we had had touring, in studio, in rehearsals and so on. No one know what the future will bring, but I’m sure we’ll continue having good times!


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PostSubject: Re: Kivimetsän Druidi   Sat Jul 27, 2013 4:58 am

Record Labels can be real bitches when it comes to schedules. I can understand it a bit though as they do have other bands and things to do. It just must suck to have to be rushed through recording. When taking time you can get it perfect. I think Tarja does everything on her own now without the label interfereing when it comes to recordings, no?
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Kivimetsän Druidi
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