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PostSubject: Rott   Tue May 07, 2013 4:28 am

Interviewed By Renée Gschaid
Official Site

Where did the name Rott come from? What's the story behind that?

Molly: When we were thinking of a name for the band, we kicked around a few ideas looking for something that sounded kinda cool, but was heavy too. Rott sounded like something that was decaying and it was short. Also, we can say Rott on, instead of rock on or right on. Besides, my favorite breed of dogs is Rottweilers and I have a beautiful female as our mascot. There is a hidden meaning to it as well, an acronym for what the letters stand for.

How do you set yourselves apart from all the other female bands in your genre?

Molly: I am going to let Carrie Anne answer part of this. (Carrie Anne) Well I don’t really think the gender matters, to me it’s about the music and I would much rather people notice that, at least that is how I look at it as an artist. As far as setting apart from other bands I think if you listen carefully and hear the deeper meaning in the music then I think that is where most of the difference comes from. (Molly) It is not something deliberate as much as the various influences that blend together from artists I admire and listen to. I am from Seattle originally and growing up there I was impacted by Heart among others from an early age.

Do you think your style on stage is important to performances and appearances?

Molly: Of course, absolutely! Stage presentation is very important. It’s all about entertainment after all. Much like going to a play, watching a movie, or an athletic event. Except with music it can be even more emotional. The energy from the band and back from the crowd creates an atmosphere that is surreal at times. When you go to an event where the intensity is there and are spending your hard earned cash, you want to be transported to that alternate musical universe, or reality. You want to experience something that is magical and unique.

So ‘Out of Time’ was just released online and in stores on May 27th, how is that doing? It is flying off the shelves?

Molly: Our fans never cease to amaze us with their kindness and support Jess. Sales are very strong thanks to Ravenheart Music in the UK www. ravenheartmusic. euro-site. co. uk/ promoting us and with our label Renaissance Records behind us. The album was independently released prior to May 27th and since then everything has been overwhelmingly positive. I am so grateful to everyone. The media has been very supportive as well, with interviews, airplay, contests and reviews. What we are planning to really generate excitement is gain some additional sponsorship and partner up with our label mates for an upcoming tour. Once you see us in your hometown there is no stopping the momentum.

What was your reaction upon finding out about the record contract?

Molly: Well you know when you see people on shows like ‘American Idol’ freak out when they get the chance to go to the next round? Well it is nothing like that, is euphoric a strong enough adjective? The day I found out is still vivid and always will be. Of course I was trying to figure out how to get the snow off my roof that day in a snowstorm but seriously, to be given the affirmation that our talent is recognized and dreams becoming reality is such a warm fuzzy. It’s like being given the tools to get the job done. I've been trying to fix this leaking pipe with a spoon and you just came by and gave me a wrench

Do you feel like you were having the "making it big moment"?

Molly: The definition of “making it big” always changes. Yes I did feel like that for sure, I would be lying if I said otherwise. I am truly happy, grateful and humbled by the whole deal really. To have Renaissance Records and John Edwards as my new boss and see the label logo on the CD is constantly making me smile. Yet, I’ll truly feel like we've accomplished our goal when the masses can have easy access to more than just the usual genres that are currently popular in the USA. It is the determination of not only the artists but also people like you Jess bringing more attention to this genre that has me really excited. Metal, Goth, Club, Industrial, Symphonic and Ska are just a sample teaser of what I would love to see commercially successful. Can you imagine what a happy place it would be if our genre had their own awards shows? I can.

On the homepage of the website, what is the meaning behind the dog with the cross in it's mouth?

Molly: Well, it would be fun to say it actually is a symbol I saw displayed in a crop circle near Stonehenge, or ancient hieroglyphics from the pyramids but I will be serious. This is a very good question! No one has ever asked us this before. It is symbolic for life, rebirth from death and how music can help reach people in ways many other things cannot. Satanism has nothing to do with it and I will leave it at that.

Do you find being from the United States that the fans are different in North America then in Europe?

Molly: American fans are hungry for this style and genre of music. Some of them just don’t know it yet. They are searching for something different and when they do find it are ecstatic, at least the ones I have come across anyway. They just know they’re tired of all the white bread, commercially pre-packaged boy/girl band crap. Europeans have quite an advantage. They had Nightwish fed to them in their baby bottles it seems and they've stayed loyal. I remember when I saw a Wind-Up Records ad for Fallen from Evanescence on TV. I literally started bawling I was so happy. I didn't even know other bands were out there with the same agenda of non-conformity and being positive. And this one was succeeding big time.

Molly - How did you first know that you wanted to sing?

Molly: Isn't singing like breathing? Even if you are not sure whether you are good its like one of the first things you do when you’re happy, sad, bored, playful, ect. As a kid I remember my mom being amazed I could remember all the lyrics to songs on the radio. I never lost that love and it just blossomed from there.

Dan - How does it feel working with these talented women?

Dan: To be in the same room with Molly and Carrie Anne gives me goosebumps actually. Their talent is mind-blowing. When we play together I really have to focus – a lot! It feels like an enormous power you are next to and I am not talking Marshall stacks. I guess it is magical in a way, kind of like supernatural stuff. It really is hard to describe in words. I know when we play people are overwhelmed by whatever energy is behind it. I would best describe it as love but in a way that gives and radiates outward.

Do you find that the band has an advantage or disadvantage being only 3 members?

Molly: Definitely an advantage. Three strong personalities are just the right amount. Not to say we wouldn't welcome other “family members” in at some point. We consider ourselves a family and are very close. If the talent and compatibility were there, I would consider it. For the moment, work for hire has been great! We also have some very talented close friends who will be filling in spots on the tour.

How do you deal with all the attention from fans from all over the world?

Molly: I am actually very honored and humbled by it. Our fans continue to amaze me every day. I read the letters and emails and put the gifts and things up they give me and feel very blessed. I guess I deal with it by knowing that I am helping make a difference to someone as others did for me. Sometimes I think, “gosh is this for real?” Well it is and I want to thank everyone reading this from the bottom of my heart. All my love.

Carrie Anne: Ditto to what Molly said, it doesn't quite seem real. As with anybody putting out a product into the world, it’s just really nice to have the positive feedback to know that people enjoy this music that we have put all of our time and effort into. Having the fans there to support us, really just makes us want to work harder and give more back to them.


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