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 Sami Malmberg Interview

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PostSubject: Sami Malmberg Interview   Mon May 06, 2013 8:01 pm

Interview with Sami Malmberg
Director/Film Maker
Official Link

Who came up with the idea of the movie and how long did it take to prepare everything for filming?
We made our first feature film in 2007 (Partners in Crime), and ever since I´ve heard many people say: "It was so good! When will you make a sequel?". I never want to make sequels. Specially in this point when I want to show everyone that I want to be a serious filmmaker. I went through many different storylines, from action films to musical (seriously!!). But because reality is that we are a small Indie-company and we can´t make a big budget film, easiest style is "black-comedy"". We don´t have to get expensive explosions or other sfx:s. I picked a few characters from the earlier movie and made them kind of "storytellers". So in this movie we meet again Late and Jorma (main characters of Partners in Crime), but also many many new funny and weird characters in world of crime. And call it " a natural continuum".

Were there any difficulties to pick an actor for each part?
When we had our first rehearsals, some actors didn´t quite find their characters but then we started filming, and when I said first time: Action!, a magic of filmmaking: I didn´t see actors, I saw characters which I wrote to script.

How is the filming process going so far and when do you expect to be finished?
We have closed the filming and now starts the best part: editing. We hope that we could have premiere in around new year, but there is so much to do. Negotiations for the marketing etc. So I can´t say the exact day our audience can see it. We don´t have a deadline.

Is Mad Rush getting a lot of support so far and do you feel like this will go into a good direction?
If you meant by financial support, I can only say that we didn´t have any support from Finnish Film Foundation or any other public organizations. But mentally: Everybody says: Go for it!

Have any doubts as well?
If there is, I don´t care. We have nothing to lose, we can only win.

From reading Tarja's blog, it seems you two have been friends for a while, was it great working with her and do you see a future of acting for her?
We haven´t discussed it but who knows! Being a singer, she always ”acts” on stage. Maby someday I can direct her in music videos or something. I hope.
In Mad Rush her part is quite small, but she did it well!

Now to the soundtrack (if there is to be one) what 5 songs would you pick to put on there?
I hope with the soundtrack I can put some music by rock bands from my home city, Kouvola. But there are no decisions yet. Maby some music from Tarja...

Moving onto setting a release date for the movie, will we see it in America and other parts of the world?
There´s gonna be subtitles in English, Russian and maby Spanish. We have plans to send the film (at least) to foreign film festivals. But our producer is so ”hardheaded” that he hopes Mad Rush spreads around the globe. (It would be a dream to me...)

Where is the shooting of the film taking place in Finland?
In Kouvola (my hometown) . Actually we filmed also in Iitti, Kuusankoski, Anjalankoski but those cities have just connected to one big city: Kouvola.

What exactly is the main plot of the movie or is it following one particular theme?
One very stupid criminal have stolen a very important notebook from Plolikov, head on a crime organization. Polikov hires a professional female tracker, Veera, to find that book. Veera hires two stupid henchmen to help him. Many stupid criminals, many weird characters and some odd relative on this very, very funny journey through Finnish summerday.

Ok, now about you, Have you done any others movies in the past or have other projects planned?
Basicly no. Only Partners In Crime. Mostly we have made (with Jesse Tervolin, my companion and my producer) music videos, advertising videos, concert recordings etc. Also that one for Tarja, that Warm Up Concert for fans, some year a go. (Kuusankoski show)

What drove you into the world of filming?
At 9 years old, watching Academy Awards on small B/W TV. Clip from Empire Strikes Back. At-AT walkers. That´s It. Change my world.

Are there any directors that have inspired you to take this career?
Many! For making good entertainment for people: Steven Spielberg. For giving good thrills for audience: Alfred Hitchcock. For giving food laughs: Jaques Tati. For showing that it´s important where you are from, It only matters how much you are willing to do to get your dreams come through: Renny Harlin. And I have to mention one certain movie that has effected me: Helsinki Napoli All Night Long from Mika Kaurismäki (1987)

If you could meet any one director, who would it be and why?
Steven Spielberg, he hasn´t done any bad movies.

If you didn't choose directing, what other career would you have chosen?
I have that already. My day job is an advertising company.

What are some of your past times?
My hobbies have been always somehow connected to movies. I started drawing cartoons when I was a kid (and later storyboads), whole life I have been collecting soundtracks and movies. I have written (lyrics when I was playing in band, novels, screenplays...), building camera-cranes and dollies. I also design logos and brochures... I like to do everything with my hands,fixing home etc. But I NEVER EVER could work in some boring office!


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PostSubject: Re: Sami Malmberg Interview   Sat Jul 27, 2013 5:18 am

Never had a chance to watch the movie yet.
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Sami Malmberg Interview
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