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 DrawZZNikk - "Demo Album"

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PostSubject: DrawZZNikk - "Demo Album"   Tue May 07, 2013 5:43 am

Review by Jessica Clingempeel

DrawZZNikk, considering they are a new band and I only got a demo I will put this in a nice way. The instruments were great, they definitely have the talent and the vocals are also great, but the band as a whole need to practice a bit more. They are just not quite there yet. With practice and progression I think they will be an awesome band and successful.

The demo had five tracks, the first, "All Through the Night" I did not care for. The vocals were just not great in that song to me. The second song, "I am the Wild" I still have the same opinion for. The next two songs, "Our Ways" and "Maybe" I felt were the best songs on the demo. Than the last track, "The Age of Innocence" was a nice instrumental.

So advice I can give to all the members of this band is to keep practicing hard because you all have potential. Keep rocking!

Overall Rating: 2/5


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DrawZZNikk - "Demo Album"
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