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 Maledia - "She and Her Darkness"

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PostSubject: Maledia - "She and Her Darkness"   Tue May 07, 2013 5:41 am

Review by Aaron Loy

This cd was kinda hard to review because nothing about it is bad by itself, but there is room for improvement and as long as the members keep the desire to improve I think Maledia will be a great band. Now what did I mean by my opening statement, I feel that music in a band is alot like a team, but to explain lets take the goalie and the defense men on a hockey team. You can have a really great goalie and two excellent defense men in front of him but unless the two groups adjust to what the other needs things can still not go as they should. The instrumental part of every song was very powerful and really got you excited I found myself headbanging along to every song.

One thing I really liked was alot of bands that play this kind of music use the keyboard for all sorts of cool sounds or some sort of electronic sounding piano. Maledia's first three or four songs on the album really used the pure sound of a piano and it sounded excellent when integrated with the guitar, drums and so on. The music very rarely sounded congested, that is a big plus for me, I personally enjoy a band that mends well together. Vocals were great from what I could tell. Female vocals sounded good and I think she has alot of potential. The biggest complaint would be that she didn't sound clear to me and I personally feel that the music overpowered her in almost all the songs.

The accompanying male growling and vocals were also good but seemed to over power the female vocalist. I really look forward to their next album to see if they find the right balance between instruments and vocalists. Pick this album up if you like such bands as Epica or Nightwish (Tarja era). I think you will enjoy it.

Overall Rating: 2/5


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Maledia - "She and Her Darkness"
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