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 Sick Puppies : Charlotte, NC Aug. 15, 2009

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PostSubject: Sick Puppies : Charlotte, NC Aug. 15, 2009   Tue May 07, 2013 5:39 am

Review by Jessica Clingempeel

Amos Southend
Charlotte, NC Aug. 15, 2009

We arrived in Charlotte around 3 in the afternoon and waited outside the club until the doors finally opened at 8. While waiting outside, Sick Puppies drove by us in their bus with Shim in the front waving to us. Goofy guy he is. We got up to the very front and waited for the show to begin.

We watched as they set up the band equipment and everything and had a few laughs here and there. The club began to fill and we in the front row began to get squished and we waited a bit longer until the first band came on.

Now the first band, Tunnels to Holland, was probably one of the worse bands I have ever heard and I don't think many people there enjoyed their performance too much. The lead singer sounded like he was more than plastered the whole time and I was just glad when they finally left the stage. I am so glad they did not have a huge set list otherwise my ears would not be able to endure such pain any longer and the thought of suicide would have probably came to mind. Sorry to the fans of this band but I am being honest and if you think I was too harsh I will put it more bluntly....TUNNELS TO HOLLAND SUCKED!

Moving on to the second band, Adelita's Way started playing. I thought the guitarist was hot....moving on....I loved this band. I had doubts after the first band and I was just wanting them to play just as quickly as the first but as soon as the lead singer began singing I started rocking. Good clear vocals and the instruments were just as good. No instrument seem to have drowned out the other. The whole band rocked and I immediately wanted to buy their album, which after the concert I did and I got the band to sign it. Really nice guys, great band. Put this band on your must see list. You will not be disappointed.

Finally, the moment we were all waiting for, *drum roll* Sick Puppies came onto stage, once everything was set up and they were rockin the Nightmare Before Christmas figures which was random but ok. Emma is probably one of the best bass players to date. She knows had to rock and some of her movements made me crack up a lot. She is definitely not a girly girl. Shimm was very funny as well as he loves being goofy. The set list I think could have been longer so I was a little disappointed. I am glad they performed 'Say My Name' which is an awesome song, even better live. I could not stop jumping as they performed, which made it difficult to take any videos or pictures, but hey I got a few good ones. *lol* To sum this all up without having to make a novel, Sick Puppies is a great band and they rock hard. The concert was amazing and even though my ears about bled through the first band it was all still worth it in the end.

There was also a fourth band, Hurt, which I did not even really pay attention to. After Sick Puppies ended we moved over to the back of the club and waited for the Puppies to come out to get our pictures taken with them. This also gave us a chance to buy some goodies and get autographs from the bands. Keep in mind I did not, DID NOT, even want an autograph from the first band. We had to wait some time for the band to come out but they finally did and everyone got to get a picture with them.


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Sick Puppies : Charlotte, NC Aug. 15, 2009
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